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What Will Make a Recruiter Automatically Discard Your Application?

What Will Make a Recruiter Automatically Discard Your Application?

by Talentese Team 10/11/2017

Ace your Resume and Interview:

While none of us are mind readers (or are we?), it would be pretty awesome to know what’s coming our way and how to answer most frequently asked interview questions so recruiters wouldn’t automatically discard your application. How do we reach this stage? Isn’t it obvious? We need a fabulously crafted resume. Let’s see how we can deal with both these topics. One way is with the help of a career guidance counselor who also assists in resume writing and interview practice; another would be to just read this article!

Use these tips to ace your resume and interviewLet’s tackle them one at a time.

Resume tips

#1 – Format, Format, and format!

It’s extremely important to format your resume. Always start your resume with clear indents and line spacing. Keep your font size readable, ideally 11 or 12. Ensure your headings are logical and precise. Use bullets and numbering to emphasize important aspects. Catch readers’ attention with correct use of bold and italics typefaces.

#2 – Make it purposeful

Ensure your resume is a reflection of your achievements, goals and past experience. The most important task of the resume is to land you an interview. Your resume isn’t going to secure a job for you, so tailor it to get attention and connect it closely with your life. Don’t make it boring or generalized. Seek a career guidance counselor to better understand language and tonality to spruce up your resume.

#3 – Use keywords!

Keywords are extremely important. Use them liberally to attract readers’ eye and ensure that certain keywords are associated only with you. Also, most consultancies use keywords to search for the perfect fit. Change your keywords based on the job you are applying for (Forbes, 2014). Use your keywords even for frequently asked interview questions during your interview or visit a career guidance counselor to guide you and make a list of fitting keywords. Don’t emphasize ‘baking skills’ if applying for a finance position!

#4 – You are the Best Fit!

State in clear, concise language why you are the best fit. Always keep this information at the start of your resume. List your most dynamic skills and best experiences next. Give your future employers something to look forward to. Explain how you handled past projects and clients. Sum up with how you tackled issues effectively. Don’t forget a special mention of achievements received for your hard work. You know you are the Best Fit – show them why.

#5 – Don’t generalize your resume

Drive home how unique you are. Employers want to know what is extraordinary about you. Re-read the job description and blend your work experience so your resume fits the closest. This shows how you are the best prospect and that you have put in time and effort. Passion is important; don’t make your resume dry and tiresome. If you need extra assistance, visit a career guidance counselor to re-word it for you. No one likes to read different versions of the same thing. Stand out, Shine!


by Talentese Team 10/11/2017

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