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What Should I Do Right Away After Becoming a Manager?

What Should I Do Right Away After Becoming a Manager?

by Talentese Team 24/10/2017

Being promoted to manager is an exciting new thing! It shows that you have succeeded in your previous position and improved as a person. However, now that the excitement has settled, it’s time to face the hard reality, that this is a whole new job function. If you have little or no training in managing teams and individuals, then this will be a testing time for you. Most managers are over-excited about the new position but are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges presented in a systematic and methodical manner.

The fact that you are reading this article shows that you are willing to be a committed manager and do what’s best for your future! Let’s look at a few things you should do right away after becoming a new manager:


Identify your strengths

When you move into a managerial position, it is imperative that you play to your existing strengths and improve upon them. Identify which of your previous skill sets can be utilised optimally to adapt to your new position. Using old skill sets can also help you settle in faster. Visit an experienced career guidance counselor to identify which of your strengths you should utilize after being promoted to manager.


Start managing time better

Start managing your time and timings effectively from the get go! Respecting time is one of the most important things to do as a new manager. Don’t show up 15 minutes late for meetings. Insist that everyone on your team sticks to deadlines and help them with the same. Arrive on time to the office every day and leave a little after hours. Ensure that you set an example for your team to follow. 


Be transparent

Make a note of gathering all the information your team members will need to perform their duties and responsibilities in an exemplary manner. Since you are now the manager, it will be up to you to strategize and plan to achieve the best results possible. At this crucial stage, it is very important that your team members can trust you to be transparent with them information pertaining to the project/ job being done. This not only helps with your team building skills but also works wonders on your personal employee branding. If you’re eager to improve your communication skills, visit a professional coach to get advice.


Identify your key team members

Identifying your key team members is extremely important. It is these people who will be your greatest pillars as you build the team to reach greater heights of achievement. Identifying and investing in the individual strengths of the team will improve your employee branding and ensure that your team stays well motivated. This will also enable them to realize their individual strengths and weaknesses and work together in a more conducive manner. You can visit a coach to help you set measures in identifying key players.


Be quick to appreciate your employees

Whether you’ve been promoted to manager or became a new company owner, be quick to publicly appreciate or praise your employees. Public recognition of good work motivates people to do a better job and work harder to improve themselves. Giving credit when it is due is a great motivator and a fantastic way to boost team morale. It encourages healthy competition amongst team members and positive team environment. Arrange a meeting with a career guidance counselor to find out best ways to give credit. Most managers like to keep up to date with how they can improve their relations with their teams by investing in career counseling for experienced professionals.


Listen carefully

Don’t make any new changes too quickly as soon as you’ve been promoted to manager. While you might know that eventually you would have to implement those changes, always listen to feedback from employees and team members. Set up one-on-one meetings with your team and consult your immediate supervisor. Take all their feedback into consideration when implementing any new changes that might affect the team and company as a whole. Let your employees know that you are open to receiving feedback and will listen to them. This goes a long way in avoiding pitfalls and fostering team spirit. This will also help in improving your personal employee branding as an effective manager. 


Take periodic breaks

Yes, it’s exciting and you have a hundred varied things to do all at once. Please remember to take a break and rejuvenate yourself. If you overwork and burn yourself out, you will not be a great manager but a struggling one! You might also lose your temper on your employees because of stress overload. Take a little time off where you avoid thinking or talking about work and unwind for a few minutes. This will increase your efficiency and productivity while you keep your mind alert!

Use these tips to start your exciting managerial journey. Tailor these tips to suit your requirements and implement them in whichever manner you are most comfortable with. Even if you start slow, make an effort to improve daily. Very soon, you will realize that you are able to work better without making an effort to be a good manager.

by Talentese Team 31/10/2017

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