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How to uncover tricks to find jobs in a new city

How to uncover tricks to find jobs in a new city?

by Talentese Team 19/01/2018

Finding a job in a new city is always a challenge. If you’ve made your decision to move, then you must start considering all possible options to gain employment at your new chosen location. The trick while applying for out-of-town jobs is to be upfront that you’re planning to shift within a specified time frame. Address your viability as a good candidate on the basis of past experience and educational qualifications. Always remember that the hiring manager or recruiter must be comfortable to trust your authenticity in relocating to the new town.

If you’re wondering how to find a job before moving, then let us assist you with some tips to ease your worries.


Start your job search early

Ideally, you should start doing research on how to find a job before moving and look for various employment options available in the new city before you shift. Start by updating your resume to fit the specifications needed in your chosen geography by speaking to a local career guidance counselor. Next step would be to gather a few trusted references to use in case your chosen employer requires a background and reference check.


Sign up for jobs online

Whenever you are relocating to a new city, always sign up for jobs available in that location. You will get alerts when new jobs are posted that fit your search criteria. This way, you will be able to apply for jobs pertaining to your specifications directly with your chosen employers. You should also seek assistance from career guidance counselors specific to your area of specialization. Seeking career counseling for experienced professionals will also put you on the path to receiving alerts as soon as a new job is listed with the counselor or recruiter.


Meet recruiters personally

Take the time out to visit your new location, and meet recruiters and HR professionals personally. You could also contact local recruitment firms and set up meetings beforehand. This shows your dedication towards your shift and will also create a favorable impression with the chosen companies or recruitment firms.


Target specific companies

If you targeting companies you would like to work with, start by applying to them directly. Always mention (in your cover letter) that you are shifting to their location on a specific date or within a time frame. Write friendly, open cover letters, and whenever possible, speak directly to the HR in your target company. Introduce yourself, explain your position, and let them know when you would be visiting so that you can meet them personally.  If you’re unsure of how to do this, seek career counseling for experienced professionals to ease your worries.


Update your LinkedIn profile

Once you have decided on your chosen city, update your LinkedIn profile location so that recruiters have a chance to view your validity. This also helps recruiters who prefer hiring through online job portals and view profiles according to geography and pin code. You could also join LinkedIn groups that are specific to your new location. Many times, headhunters and recruiters directly post jobs in specific groups to meet their selection criteria.


Reach out to existing connections

If you know anyone who lives in your chosen city, then reach out to them and reconnect to let them know you are planning to shift. Let your friends, family, professional, and personal connections know that you are planning a move. Even if they are not able to help directly, they might be able to connect you to someone who might be able to assist you with your job search. You can also do this by speaking to a career guidance counselor who specializes in cross country or international relocations.


Ask for a transfer

In case you work for a company that has multiple branches or offices, you could speak to your superiors to transfer or get you a relevant position in the new city within the existing organization. Simultaneously, you could also ask if they would allow you to work remotely at your current job and only travel for important meetings and conferences.


Don’t rely on relocation expenses

Many employers reject candidates simply because there are relocation expenses involved. If you are shifting to a higher job or package, your new employers might offer relocation expenses, but this is a rarity. Unless you are confident in your background and abilities, offer to pay for relocation expenses on your own. Many times, this is the deciding factor for recruiting out-of-town candidates. If you are uncertain of how to broach this discussion, speak to a career coach and receive advice to ease this difficult discussion.


Don’t shy away from Temporary or Contract positions

If you are unable to secure permanent positions, do not hesitate to accept contract/temporary positions since this will give you ample time to continue your job search while taking care of relocation and settling expenses. At the end of your term, it will also give you the credibility to apply for new jobs within your new location to gain permanent employment. Get career advice to understand the pros and cons of this shift in greater detail.

Use these tips to broaden your job search and apply to jobs in a new city. Remain flexible and keep all your options open as you start your job search. Visit the new city as often as you can, so that you can start networking and building newer connections.

by Talentese Team 19/01/2018

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