The highest paying jobs in Germany 2019

The highest paying jobs in Germany 2019

by Talentese Team 03/05/2019

Nobody chooses a job just for a good salary, but having a proper income belongs to the most important factors of being satisfied with your career, isn’t it?

Recent researches have revealed the highest paying jobs in Germany – let’s take a look at the list of professionals that are receiving the biggest salary!


Doctors (both seniors and regular medical specialists) are traditionally on top positions – no doubts that they deserve good compensation for many years spent studying and their daily duties which are obviously not easy.

Experienced sales professionals are in extreme demand – companies are ready to pay good money for employees with well-developed network that may be turned into clients.

Financial experts and skilled business professionals are in the list as well – working as an actuary, mergers&acquisitions specialist or a trader will get you a desirable salary as well.

Are you looking for a job in Germany? We can help!

Are you looking for a job in Germany? We can help!

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