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What skills will I need in the future? If you don’t have these skills, you’ll be fired by 2030 

What skills will I need in the future? If you don’t have these skills, you’ll be fired by 2030 

by Talentese Team 30/09/2018

With the onset of technology, it has become a necessity to keep up with the times and upgrade the skills that you will need to attain success in your career. If not, there’s an excellent chance your job and role will be automated by the year 2030. Making yourself valuable to your employer can help turn the tide in your favor. You need to start working on developing skills that will help you stay on top of the rising trends in the market to increase and improve your employability. Making your skills obsolete is never a right way to think of the future and your career goals. Improving your skill sets works in a multitude of ways.


The most important aspect is that you get to enhance your employee branding. Another one worth considering would be getting your career strategies in place. We cannot stress how important it is to have your plan in place to be part of the most promising careers for the future. Enhancing your skill sets will help tremendously in tipping the scales in your favor by the year 2030.


Let us take a look at some skills that you will need to develop as you start your journey for the future.


Emotional Intelligence:

Social skills and emotional intelligence go hand in hand. Persuasion, guiding and teaching others, and empathy are the needs of the future. By the year 2030, you should be able to connect with people from all walks of life to be known as an emotionally intelligent individual. These skills will be beneficial for the future since you would be able to gauge human emotions, moods, and behaviors of people around you. These skills cannot be learned immediately. They must be practiced and acquired over time. Getting effective career strategies in place around these skills will help you in going a long way in your career if you think about switching to the most promising careers for the future.



Most Human Resource specialists will emphasize the need for teamwork and coordination. Collaborating with individuals and teams is crucial when thinking about the future. Playing to the strengths of each group, getting work done more efficiently, and being flexible to change are keys to coordination. Being a great team member will also help you tremendously in building your employee branding and being seen as an individual who believes in collaborating and coordinating with colleagues and employees. Most career counselors will also advise you to take part in a career quiz or two to build your network and rapport at work.


Critical Thinking:

With the advent of new technology, most work gets done automatically and robotically. Critical thinking involves the ability to think logically and reasonably about issues or concerns related to your work life. Critical thinking is also one of the best skills to have in your arsenal while you think about your career strategies. Some of the most promising careers for the future consider critical thinking and logic to be valuable assets. You should be able to weigh your options, solve complex issues, and discuss all the solutions to solving a particular problem or concern. Make critical thinking a part of your daily habit and apply it to all walks of your life to get better at it over the coming years. By the year 2030, critical thinkers will be the cream of the crowd!



We know creativity is not a skill that most people are born with, but it can be acquired. Many people do not think of themselves as creative, but they are. If you get up each morning and decide what to wear and how you will look the entire day, then you are creative! Creativity is not exclusive only to artists and musicians.

Creativity comes in many forms. Unleash the creativity inside you to solve work-related issues and problems in a different and out-of-the-box manner. Become creative in how you speak to clients, how you present your plans for action, and how you solve issues. This creativity will sing through your work and allow you to become a coveted individual by 2030.



Since most work will soon be automated, it is essential to be a good negotiator. Social skills like negotiating and convincing people to understand situations will be indispensable for the future. If you’re unsure of how you can build your negotiations skills, start becoming a part of meetings that are client-facing and customer-facing. Pay close attention to supervisors and bosses who are part of the negotiations team. Understand the minor points of negotiation skills and how you can learn from them.

Apply this expertise to your day-to-day life and start negotiating small instances with your spouse, children, co-workers, and friends. Very soon, this skill will be as natural as breathing. Always search for solutions where everyone involved walks home happier, and ensure that the situation is a win-win.


To be skilled in the future, it will be essential to work on your social skills, have the ability to accept change, embrace the change through complex problem-solving, and be able to adapt to it in a way that always keeps you on top. You won’t be expected to have a solution for every issue or problem, but being part of a team or leading a team that can solve these issues is essential. Pay close attention to details, remember the bigger picture, and be mentally elastic to consider all aspects of an issue. Most problem solvers, critical thinkers, and negotiators will be coveted assets by all industries and segments by the year 2030. Make sure you’re ready by the time your skills become hot property!

by Talentese Team 30/08/2018

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