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On this occasion we had the privilege to talk with Christopher Weber-Fürst. Christopher is an Executive Coach and Expert Strategic futurist leading from the emerging female future.

During this engaging interview we talked about really interesting topics, such as:

  • Why the leaders of the near future will be mainly women and why this is a great thing!
  • What is true leadership, based on his 40+ years of experience working in several types of business, countries and environments?
  • How to understand your own Ego needs and live a balanced life.
  • Christopher owned a farm in Norway before changing his path to working with people. What were the learnings working with animals?
  • And many more really interesting topics…

This chapter is an amazing session with a great leader and coach who’s sharing his best tips on how to understand yourself, understand your personal values and find the right place where you can live them and be truly happy.

It’s a highly recommended listening!

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