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The best free online tools to create a job-winning CV

The best free online tools to create a job-winning CV

by Talentese Team 13/06/2019

There’s no second chance to make the first impression – you won’t get another opportunity to impress an HR if your CV ends up in a discard pile. Grammar mistakes, inappropriate format, absence of keywords for the position – make sure your resume is an eye-catcher only in positive ways!


Take care of your virtual appearance on the job market with the help of free online tools to create a great CV!


The main problem for you is that you don’t have a proper CV at all? Then might be the perfect resource to get started – it offers easily adjustable templates for different job types. You have to just fill them with your information – service will even suggest some phrases for you to use if you’re struggling to find the right words to describe your job responsibilities/studies etc.

The most basic features and templates are free, for some of them you have to upgrade for the pro version.



You’re quite satisfied with the content of your CV, but miss some fancy design? Use one of the hundreds of templates at – choose from the standard ones to the ones that might be a perfect fit even for a professional designer. You’re fully flexible to change not only texts but also layout elements, structure etc.

It is totally possible to create and download your CV without even spending a cent – templates are free and the only things you might have to buy extra are some design elements (e.g. backgrounds, icons) or just replace them with your own.



There’s nothing more painful than having a grammar mistake in your CV where you have “attention to details” as one of your skills. Feed the copy of your resume to the online version of the app or use of the offered browser extensions. The service is capable of catching spelling mistakes as well as misused words etc.

You can use all the basic features for free – standard functionalities cover all you need for checking a CV.



Do you want to learn how your CV looks in the eyes of HR managers and – as important nowadays – is appraised by automated algorithms most of the companies use to pre-filter candidates? Use to identify common resume problems and get some recommendations on how to fix them. Apart from basic tips on the length, styling, typos, you might actually gain some valuable insights if the wording you’re using is appropriate, if you pay enough attention to all the sections etc.

General appraisal and getting the scores are free, however, you have to pay to get some further professional editing if needed.




Have you heard about any of the services we’ve picked? Do you find them useful?

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