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For Companies that need to hire and struggle to find suitable candidates quickly for some jobs, Talentese connects you to active and pre-selected job seekers who will fit not only the job requirements but also in terms of culture and values.

Talentese Matching Platform

We’re working hard to launch our platform.

If you want us to inform you please tell us your email and we’ll send you an email when it will be ready. 

What our Matching Platform will do for you:

startup jobs Berlin

Provide you access to a big database of candidates pre-selected by us, actively looking for a job, that will truly fit your company and team culture, on top of the classical job requirements fit. 

startup jobs Berlin

Ask employees at your company to take a Culture Assessment using our dedicated online tool and uncover the real Culture Profile of each team. With this input, we ensure that the proposed candidates will fit the teams.

startup jobs Berlin

Once you select the candidates that fit all the required criteria -from our pre-selection- you can then invite only those selected candidates directly to interviews, saving time and increasing the response rate to more than 95%.

startup jobs Berlin

Once you identify and invite the selected candidates, connect your own ATS for the next steps of the application or use the powerful ATS from Talentese: chat with candidates, follow up with them, plan interviews, everything!

Expected benefits


With Talentese you will reduce drastically the time to find and hire suitable candidates. We follow a pragmatic approach by first checking your internal company culture and job requirements, and then assessing each applicant to make sure that they fit with you.


Publish your jobs in a few clicks and let us do the hard work for you! Our matching algorithm will pre-select the best fitting candidates for you. Review fitting candidates in an efficient and engaging way and save a huge effort to read non-qualified applications!


If you don’t have enough applicants in your pipeline, you won’t have enough choice to fit your needs. This problem is over with Talentese! You’ll get access to a great database of candidates who also love our tool and our approach. 

We inform you when it will be ready.

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