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Launching soon

For Companies that need to hire many people in a short period of time and struggle to perform all recruiting activities always under time pressure, Talentese is developing a software solution that will automatise all the non-core work of Recruiters and HR Managers. 

Talentese Recruiting Automation

We’re working hard to launch our recruiting automation software solution.

If you want us to inform you please tell us your email and we’ll send you an email when it will be ready. 

What our Recruitment Automation tool will do for you:

startup jobs Berlin

Find suitable candidates by connecting with multiples job boards and talent platforms and sourcing automatically candidates for you, to be sure that you receive enough quality applications, even for very specific jobs.

startup jobs Berlin

Extract the information from the resumes of applicants in a standard, intuitive and dynamic format, so you can compare quickly resumes and not PDF and Word documents with totally different formats.

startup jobs Berlin

Check the culture fit of every candidate with your company culture, so you can decide early in the process to interview only people with high chances to be hired.

startup jobs Berlin

Automatically pre-select for you the candidates that fit the specific job qualifications so you can focus on the relevant applications and you will not have to review lots of junk resumes or irrelevant applications.

startup jobs Berlin

Pre-select for you from the beginning of the process the candidates that match the salary expectations, location, and availability to start so you do not waste time with these admin aspects.

startup jobs Berlin

Conect your own ATS for the next steps of the application or use the powerful ATS from Talentese: chat with candidates, follow up with them, plan interviews, everything centralized.

Expected benefits


Using Talentese you will be able to focus on the activities that really matter and forget about all the administrative burdens. You will save enormous time recruiting someone from beginning to end.


Fully integrated with your recruiting process, our matching algorithm will pre-select candidates for you. Review fitting candidates in an efficient and engaging way and save a huge effort to read non-qualified applications!


We will check that the candidates fit with your job description AND your company culture. This will make your recruiting process much smoother and will ensure long-term engagement and the highest employee retention!

We inform you when it will be ready.

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