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What Fairr.de Does

Fairr.de is a startup that develops digital solutions for retirement savings to encourage people to be actively engaged in the process of pension planning.

Work at Fairr.de

At Fairr.de you have an opportunity to have a real influence on your work content, can count on full support of initiatives and have all the tools to bring your best ideas to life.

Company Culture

As long as tasks are being completed, it doesn’t matter how it was done – the focus is on delivering the results. Freedom to alter your work responsibilities and discuss everything in an honest and straightforward way are definitely some of the company culture basics.

“What I’m particularly proud of is the reputation this company has achieved over the last couple of years – we’ve been presenting a lot and at the moment it feels like everyone in this industry really knows us and values what we do.”   

Wolf-Alexis Puttfarken.

Manager Business Development.

“One of our main differences is “just do it” attitude – here you can come up with any ideas or a solution and you can just execute it yourself, sometimes you check if with your colleagues, but usually it’s just “go ahead and do it.” 

Katrin Sühlsen.

Senior Product Marketing Manager.

“There are small things I really like – for example, our tradition to greet each other with a fist bump in the morning – that way you get to see everyone on the daily basis even if you’re not connected in your departments.”

Ilva Gebhardt.

Online Marketing Manager.

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