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Fintech    |    Medium size

About Contabilizei

Contabilizei offers online accounting service for small and micro enterprises, intending to make the biggest industry revolution in the last few decades. With over 250 professionals involved, Contabilizei team constantly challenges the status quo of how accounting is performed.

Work at Contabilizei

Having a real joy at work is a motto of all Contabilizei members. Open feedback culture, relaxed and supportive atmosphere and lots of informal brainstormings on how to bring ideas to life are the essentials of Contabilizei work communication.

Company Culture

Contabilizei has received multiple awards (Lovemondays, FASTCOMPANY, LinkedIn) as one of the best startups in Latin America to work for. Working at Contabilizei would be an ideal fit for everyone that wants to experience a true entrepreneurial freedom and informal ambience and at the same time take part in creating a really impactful product.

The dynamic environment that we have here in Contabilizei is a differential point – you see the results of your work quickly happening for the customers, and that is the coolest part”                                               

Giovanne Momeso


“I had my own company but I have decided to come because I was excited about the challenge. And Contabilizei has been a super school for me – here I have an opportunity to learn exponentially”                          

Jairo Cantillo

Head of Product

“What makes me proud to participate in Contabilizei is that I know what I’m doing will change Brazil, change the market, give people the opportunity to grow up and have a more dignified life”       

Rafael Utzig

Business Analyst

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