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Work at 3megawatt

Working at 3megawatt is definitely for someone who shares the mindset of a lean organization and is looking for a friendly multicultural environment where intellectual curiosity is appreciated and good ideas are highly valued.


What 3megawatt Does

3megawatt is the largest developer of software for renewable asset managers, offering a platform designed to automate and control the entire renewable asset management lifecycle.

Company Culture

Fast-growing company with a small and international team and an agile working environment with the focus on delivering results and bringing innovative ideas to live. English is used as a main spoken language.

“3megawatt is a pioneer in its space and it’s in between two very exciting industries which are renewable energy and SaaS. Renewable energy is booming and energy itself is the biggest market in the world.”   

Manuel Nasti.

Vice Presitent for Operations

“During the meetings you can say whatever comes to your mind and your ideas don’t just flow around – they become real in the application itself, so it’s really nice to be listened to in this company.” 

Emin Bugra Saral.

Lead Software Engineer

“What I love about this industry is that the people are really nice – they all come from somewhere else and they are usually really passionate about renewable energy, they’re young, they’re talented, they’re fun.”

Edmee Kelsey.


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