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What Userlane Does

Userlane is a navigation system for software. It is a unique solution that facilitates a personalized user onboarding and staff training experience for any company or software platform. Userlane allows users to understand any software instantly, without prior training.


Work at Userlane

Job responsibilities are tailored to the person joining the company. With a focus on team collaboration and a results-driven working process, Userlane would be an ideal fit for a creative goal-oriented team player.

Company Culture

Caring and supporting environment with a focus on building friendly relationships and meaningful communication between people from different departments.

“Userlane is a company that’s all about learning and this focus on learning and developing yourself is something a new candidate should bring in to be successful at Userlane”.

Hartmut Hahn.

Managing Director

“When I read about Userlane mission, their goals and the software they build, it really resonated with me, because I really like the idea of helping people directly to achieve something”. 

Matin Fazli.

Full Stack Developer

“It’s all about how we interact with each other – it’s a very caring culture, we like to drink tea together and we always have fun, because it’s just that – everybody’s friendly and we really like each other”.

Felix Brehmer.

Head of Business Development

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