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What inne Does

inne is a med-tech startup intending to revolutionise the existing approach to the natural contraception with the help of an innovative saliva hormone test.

Work at inne

Working at inne would be an ideal fit for self-sustainable and curious explorers open to challenge the status quo and eager to make the difference.

Company Culture

Fast-growing company with an international interdisciplinary team that is driven by shared values – show compassion, learn continuously and make a difference. Being able to be effective and deliver results is as important as showing constant support and reflect on the right ways to achieve goals.

“We’re here to look at the female body at a molecular level and try to understand what products we could build with science, design and technology that will help women to connect with their body and have a look inside”.

Eirini Rapti.


“We have a very interdisciplinary team, but you quickly realise that we’re connected with our values and with our goals. Even though we come with such a different background, in the end we’re trying to achieve the same together”. 

Franziska Mayer.

Creative Director

“What drives me working at inne is that finally I can make something real that can go in the market. That’s something I’ve always wanted as a scientist and something I wasn’t satisfied with while I was doing just the research”.          

Gianluca Adornetto.

Lead Scientist

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