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About 4hundred

4hundred is our vision of modern energy: simple, honest and a joy to use. Inspired by what technology makes possible, we have set out to create the best customer experience in energy.

Work at 4hundred

4hundred suits people who like taking on responsibility for their work, and who love creating simple solutions to (often complex) challenges.

Company Culture

4hundred is the place for self-starters who enjoy putting ideas into practice without a lot of structure. Collaboration and good communication is central to everything we do. Everyone in the team is part of the process to create the best customer experience in the energy industry.

“We co-create 4hundred with our customers. Through our community, customers can really engage with us, tell us about how we can make 4hundred better, which is really rare for an energy provider”                                                


Community Manager

“We founded 4hundred to make energy better and simple to use. We were inspired by what FinTech showed was possible: to create a great customer experience using the latest technologies. This is what we set out to do in energy”                          



“What really ties our team together are values: their attitude towards the world around them. Their attitude towards other people. Our people have a lot of freedom. But freedom also means a lot of responsibility”       



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