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Personalise Your Job Search

Personalize Your Job Search

A lot of coachees come to me for help on job interview questions and answers. They often ask me to conduct a mock interview to test their readiness for a position or role that they like. Most spend tons of time looking though the most frequently asked interview questions to prepare themselves in case they get that call for their dream job, their dream role or their dream company.

That’s all fine and well but I’ve come to realize that majority of the problem is not simply in the interview. It is (1) getting to the interview and (2) connecting the dots during the interview.


Before The Interview

All the mock interviews, practice and research will not get you anywhere unless you actually land that interview. So, yes, getting to that interview should be the first concern. Unfortunately, getting the attention of the top employers is no easy task.

In fact, recruiters breeze through resumes in minutes, some in seconds. (Reference: Want an Interview? Here’s How Recruiters Really Read Resumes and How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less).


So, what now?

Personalise Your Resume. Aside from fast-reviewing humans, other recruitment firms have actually started using bots and search algorithms to weed through the thousands of resumes they get.

You need to highlight the keywords that are in the job description. Are they looking for someone with team leadership experience? Make sure that you put that in your Summary or in at least one of your work experience. Are they looking for someone who is at least AVP level? But you are a manager and you know that it’s just a matter of terminology, then specify that in there — Manager (AVP Level).

Emphasize on your relevant experience. Are they looking for someone who will liaison with global partners? Make sure you include that experience working with international clients and partners.

The point is to make them realize that you are a close fit to the job description that the hiring manager provided.

Note: If you are on a job hunting spree, I do NOT recommend doing this for all your applications. You just won’t have the time. Instead, have a general-purpose resume (very close to your LinkedIn profile) for your “normal” applications and personalise your resume for your dream roles or companies.


During The Interview.

A beautifully written resume will only get you so far.

Connect The Dots. The next step is to make sure that you connect the dots for the interviewer.


What I mean by this is that you have to show them that the experiences in your resume, those that you have been acquiring in the past, all connects to the current role you are applying for. Ask the interviewer specific questions about the role. If there are areas that is related to your previous experience, own it. Same goes for those areas that you have little or no experience yet.


Will these guarantee landing and acing an interview?

Heck , no! I mean, come on now. There are far too many variables out there for me to guarantee anything. The competitors. The recruiter. The recruiter’s mood.

What will surely happen however is that you will learn what works (and what doesn’t work ) for you, and this is invaluable for your ongoing journey up the corporate ladder.


by Ryan Salvanera 06/10/2017

Ryan Salvanera is the co-founder and chief tech guy of Wissen Solomon, a consulting firm that aims to create abundance through the empowerment and growth of MSMEs. Ryan is also a personal coach at Coach Rye and specializes in coaching high-performing leaders and entrepreneurs.

Ryan Salvanera

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