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Motivational slogans for work to get you through the week 

Motivational slogans for work to get you through the week

by Talentese Team 19/06/2018

Even if you love your work, it’s perfectly normal to have some ups and downs – for the days when you’re in a “not-so-up” mood we’ve prepared some motivational work slogans for your daily dose of inspiration.

1. Monday – you’ve got a whole new week ahead of you! Let’s start small to achieve something big – all kind of efforts made matter!

2.Tuesday – don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

3.Wednesday – if you just repeat things you’re comfortable doing, you’ll never be able to move forward. Let’s try something new today!

4.Thursday – motivation and commitment can bring you A LOT!

5.Friday – it’s time to finally try something risky, isn’t it? You’ll never know if it works until you try

6.Saturday – relax and enjoy. Everything will turn out to be good!

7.Sunday – it’s time to get ready for something new coming up next week! Are you ready to grow?

by Talentese Team 19/06/2018

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