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How to Look Incredibly Professional at Work

How to Look Incredibly Professional at Work

by Talentese Team 28/11/2017

What does looking professional or behaving professionally at work mean? Isn’t it enough to dress the part and get to work on time? What else is there that’s needed to create a professional appearance?

Apart from the obvious answer which is to dress the part and live in your formal clothing, professional appearance is a myriad of behaviors and attributes that you need to have. Provided you do all this, professional behavior at work can help in gaining respect from colleagues and being promoted before them.

So, what is unprofessionalism? Unprofessionalism could be something as simple as not coming to work on time, submitting your report well beyond the deadline given, or not dressing according to office code/ policy. If you have any doubts about this, get career counseling for experienced professionals. Obtaining career guidance counseling can assist you in chalking out a proper plan for your professional conduct and simultaneously improve your employee branding.

Let’s look at ways in which you can overcome this ‘professionalism’ hurdle.

Dress the part.

Most offices have strict dress codes during work hours. Not coming to office in your surfer shorts, loose shirts and denim actually work in your favor! Opt for formal clothing with subtle but smart overtones. Light blues, beiges, creams, blacks, grays, butter-yellows, light pinks and so on are colours to choose from. The whole point of having a dress code is to avoid unnecessary attention to clothes by keeping it uniform throughout. Same goes for jewellery and makeup – avoid wearing studded bracelets, rings, earrings and heavy makeup to work. Dressing in formal clothes is great for your professional appearance and makes you confident while meeting people. Visit a career guidance counselor to assist you with the exact dos and don’ts required in formal dressing.

Work a little overtime.

Most people are in a hurry to leave at the designated time. However, leaving 30-45 minutes later can boost your employee branding by leaps and bounds. Colleagues and bosses start noticing how committed you are to your work and start respecting you more. This helps in building their confidence in your capabilities and shows your eagerness to improve your work. Career counseling for experienced professionals suggests that people who go the extra mile tend to get promotions and increments better than the rest.

Be prepared with information and data.

Nothing screams more ‘unprofessional’ than fumbling over data at meetings! Don’t get caught in this scenario. While you might dress the part, backing your style with facts and figures is always good. Err on the side of caution by reading through your notes and glancing at your presentation before you enter meetings. Almost all career guidance counselors will explain why assimilating data quickly is so important for your professional appearance. Not only does it work wonders for your employee branding, but also improves confidence in your daily composure at work. Also, in case you are meeting with clients, always have your business cards handy. Looking incredibly professional starts with flair!

Honesty and integrity.

Being honest and doing your work with integrity is key to building professional appearance and confidence. Remember, no one is perfect. Your confidence improves as you keep learning from your mistakes. Looking professional is just a part of the bigger picture – one that contributes to your personal employee branding and long lasting impression. Admitting to your faults and seeking help are considered excellent signs of improvement. Admitting to goof shows that you are reliable and can be banked upon to get the work done honestly.

Have clear speech and diction.

We cannot stress how important it is to think before your speak! Being up to date and using the latest language propels you to being a rising star in office. Work on perfecting your grammar and speech by attending regular sessions in grammar and diction with career counseling for experienced professionals – many career guidance counselors offer courses on language, accent, and speech improvement. Also, be careful about gossiping at work. While talking about anyone, always maintain neutral language to ensure you don’t get caught in the subsequent crossfire. One more thing about language – don’t swear in office! 

Maintain professional relations.

Not saying that you won’t meet the love of your life at the office, but maintaining a strictly professional conduct in office is extremely important. Professionalism at work helps in successfully eliminating you from the gossip mill that is prevalent in all offices. Never give anyone a chance to point fingers at you. Getting caught in the web of office politics because of rumor mongering is not only detrimental to your employee branding, but also to your appearance and impression at work. Maintaining professional conduct also improves productivity and efficiency.

Creating a professional appearance at work is an amalgamation of dressing right, speaking right and acting right. Another good method is to separate your personal and professional life when at work. Respond to emails in time and, have a set formal greeting while answering all official calls. Another tip is to keep your mobile phone silent during work hours – keep it on vibrate mode instead. Do your bit by maintaining a professional outlook at work, and you will surely climb the career ladder faster.

by Talentese Team 28/11/2017

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