UX Researcher (m/f/d)


We have a developed a software that allows people to use any software instantly without any prior knowledge no matter how complex it is. The experience in our product is an essential part of our product. If you have people in your life that don’t understand how better UX can generate more value, point them in our direction. We’re working with companies of all sizes and industries, from major international brands to fast growing startups. A big motivation for every member of our product team is that the solution that you designed, will be seen by thousands of famous companies and millions of users and employees. Userlane is about to become a house hold name in our industry already and you’ll be the person who shaped it.
Your day
  • Work closely with cross-functional partners (analytics, business, design, engineering, marketing and product management) to identify and prioritize knowledge gaps in our understanding of the userlane experience
  • Conduct research using a wide variety of methods, and interpret analysis through the lens of UX, HCI, and social science
  • Lead and deliver research share-outs to a cross-functional team to encourage empathy with and understanding of the userlane experience for different segments (specific markets, new or resurrected users, etc.) and identify clear opportunities userlane can address to improve the experience
  • Identify and work with vendors to partner with to conduct research as needed
  • Continue to evangelize and champion the recommendations and opportunities after research is complete
  • Collaborate closely with other researchers
  • Design research studies that drive tactical and strategic product decisions and address both user behavior and attitudes
  • Conduct research using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Generate insights that both fuel ideation and evaluate designs
  • Sit down with the engineers and the designers and create a first prototype (design sprint)
  • Test the prototype together with our customers
  • We don't require you to be German, but since a lot of our customers are from Germany we need you to be comfortable having interviews in German.
  • Tools and office gadgets. We even have gym balls as optional chairs – allthough you don’t have to sit at all, for all we care you can lie flat on one of our many couches and work from there;)
  • Good food, a variety of breakfast foods and a fully stocked kitchen. Plus we love Burritos, Felix our head of Dev even has his own Burrito Meetup, check it out: https://meetup.com/de-DE/El-Burrito-Meetup/
  • Competitive salary, we pay better than agencies – well, everyone pays better than agencies 😅
  • MacBooks are our standard, but we’re happy to get you whatever equipment helps you get your job done.
  • Events, all the cool stuff that you imagine happens in a fast growing modern cutting edge company.
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"Userlane is a company that’s all about learning and this focus on learning and developing yourself is something a new candidate should bring in to be successful at Userlane».
Hartmut Hahn.
Managing Director
"When I read about Userlane mission, their goals and the software they build, it really resonated with me, because I really like the idea of helping people directly to achieve something".
Matin Fazli.
Full Stack Developer

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