About us
ProntoPro is Italy's leading service marketplace. We help millions of people to find local service professionals: anything from a wedding photographer to a plumber to a guitar teacher. We are bringing transparency and meritocracy to a world that is completely opaque, transforming the way people buy services.
We are a rapidly growing startup: in March 2015 we were just 2 people, now we are over 100 people between our two offices in Milan and Vienna. Average age is 29, we work in an open space and we minimize bureaucracy as much as possible (it's counterproductive!). Everyone is treated like an adult, has large responsibilities and direct impact on the business.
Our investors include as well as high-profile angels who work at Google, Facebook, eBay, McKinsey and Unicredit. In 2018 we started internationalizing by launching in Austria and Switzerland - and we just got started!
We are looking for people who want to build a unicorn that will strongly impact the lives of millions. This is not a relaxed job.
Your job
ProntoPro has an exceptionally ambitious goal. To achieve this, People Operations must help ensure that ProntoPro is an exceptional group of people who work together efficiently. Your personal goal inside People Operations will be finding these exceptional people and getting them to join us. It's a huge responsibility and we could end the Job Description right here; but let's go a bit deeper.
We have and will experience serious headcount growth, across multiple countries. We need to be good at attracting great people, and need a solid value-based process to select them. We do not want to compromise on quality because of urgency - and this requires an exceptional recruiting engine.
Here is what you will own:
  • Sourcing, selecting and recruiting the right talent (of course!)
  • Building a world-class recruiting process. Think strategically about the whole process, from definition of what we are looking for, to contract signing. Rather than just doing great things yourself, build a process so that anyone can run an effective recruiting process. You don't need permission to change anything.
  • Building our brand as an Employer, from scratch. Recruiting starts here, and we've done nothing.
  • Automate everything that can be automated: change our ATS if you need to, but ensure no one in People Operations is doing any data entry or inefficient work.
  • Don't forget we are a startup: go back to the first sentence: People Operations must ensure that ProntoPro is an exceptional group of people who work together efficiently. There are dozens of other things that you may end up doing to help us achieve our goal!
And let's not bullshit each other: we are still a 100-people startup that is investing every last cent in growth. So despite the millions of customers and fantastic growth, we are very resource constrained. We got here by being efficient, creative and smart - and need to continue acting like this.
  • At least 2 years in Recruiting in a company with a great Recruiting Process. It's hard to create one if you haven't experienced one.
  • Experience in a high-growth environment: a company adding 10 new hires per year is not growing. 50-100 new hires per year is more like it.
  • Strong logic & structured communication: otherwise you won't be able to build effective processes and roll them out internally
  • High energy! You're the first point of contact an external candidate has with ProntoPro. You represent what we stand for - and that is not slow, regular growth rather explosively changing the world.
  • Learning mindset: you are also not fit to run recruiting in a unicorn. If you're not in constant learning mode, you will stop being effective after 1-2 years.
  • Proficiency in English: not sure if we mentioned this already, but we're going international!
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