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About ProntoPro
ProntoPro is Italy's leading service marketplace. We help millions of people to find local service professionals: anything from a wedding photographer to a plumber to a guitar teacher. We are bringing transparency and meritocracy to a world that is completely opaque, transforming the way people buy services.
We are a rapidly growing startup: in March 2015 we were just 2 people, now we are over 100 people between our two offices in Milan and Vienna. Average age is 29, we work in an open space and we minimize bureaucracy as much as possible (it's counterproductive!). Everyone is treated like an adult, has large responsibilities and direct impact on the business.
Our investors include Immobiliare.it as well as high-profile angels who work at Google, Facebook, eBay, McKinsey and Unicredit. In 2018 we started internationalizing by launching in Austria and Switzerland - and we just got started!
We are looking for people who want to build a unicorn that will strongly impact the lives of millions. This is not a relaxed job.
About the role
ProntoPro has an exceptionally ambitious goal. Achieving that goal requires going from "Startup-style Operations" to "World-class Operations across multiple countries": this is what you will have to achieve. To help you better understand:
  • You will lead 3 teams: Customer Care, Trust&Safety and Marketplace Operations (roughly 10 people at the time of writing) to improve Customer Satisfaction, Trust Metrics and Operational Efficiency
  • You will identify the top 2-3 companies at each of the above activities, study them, define roadmaps and execute against these roadmaps
  • We can't improve what we don't measure: so you will measure everything!
  • You will work with Product and Design teams to change our website/app/backoffice to suit our Operations needs
  • You will study how Operations can help other areas - such as Sales, Marketing, Product - and help amplify their impact
  • You will manage: create a culture of excellency in your team, set clear targets and objectives, ensure communication processes work efficiently, etc
  • Don't forget we are a startup: there are dozens of other projects that you may end up doing to help us achieve our goal and that probably don't fall under the category "Operations"!
  • 2-5 years experience in consulting
  • Management experience: you have some experience leading teams (it's OK the leadership was unofficial - we know how consulting works 🙂
  • Excel ninja. SQL experience is nice to have but not required
  • Strong analytical reasoning: we find it hard to work with non-analytical people. We are also aware that this bullet point is useless, as very few people consider themselves "weak analytical reasoners"... 🙂
  • Learning mindset: you are probably not fit to run a unicorn (neither are we). Therefore, if you're not in constant learning mode, you will stop being effective after 1-2 years
  • Proficiency in English: not sure if we mentioned this already, but we're going international, and are starting to hire people from all over!
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