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The Head of People will be responsible for defining our people strategy as well as building, motivating and retaining a high-performance team to ensure that Contabilizei continues to meet its ambitious growth plans.

This position works directly to the CEO and is a key member of the executive leadership team.

The Head of People will be a leading authority on how we scale our people management practices for the long term, including adapting our hiring strategies, managing employee benefits and promoting healthy people management practices as we grow.

People Strategy:
  • Develop and delivery of strategy and people plan, aligned with the company's strategy and business goals. Building scalable, simple, and easy-to-apply HR processes attract and retain exceptional candidates.
  • Working with the executive team to advise on organizational design, execution of restructure plans and provide change management consultancy
Learning & development:
  • Develop an incredible in-company learning and development program to ensure that all team members are satisfied and have the tools they need for personal and professional advancement. We believe in investing in our leaders and that they develop new successors, supporting the scalability of the organization.
  • Improve leadership performance assessment process by broadening to all employee base.
  • Develop processes and actions that unite all the tools of people management in a simple schedule and that have a logic of execution within a scalable and efficient system.
  • Ensure that all leadership is applying all management tools, as well as closely monitoring all development plans of all employees.
  • Advocate a culture of performance and continuous assessment of employee productivity and development, making recommendations and customized development plans.
People Engagement:
  • It is important to have a great business vision coupled with a passion for people.
  • Define and implement Contabilizei 's engagement strategy. We deeply care about the engagement of everyone who works at Contabilizei, because we believe it generates happiness, productivity, and retention.
People Operations:
  • Approach the discourse to the practice (“Walk the Talk”) through actions aligned to our culture/brand and, side by side with the Contabilizei´s team, guarantee that our choices are consistent.
  • Recruit and engage top talents to participate in our selective processes.
  • Improve and execute a better recruitment process. “The company will need different and better practices because what brought us here, will not take to the stage we want for the future.”
  • Improve and execute a strong onboarding program for the immersion of new members in our culture and also operate in the offboarding process.
  • Develop processes and tools to support the managing system of people development.
  • Promote the engagement of collaborators through communication and endomarketing actions, aiming for a contribution to the organization mood.
  • Overseeing all employee lifecycle processes from new hire to termination.
  • Supporting the Finance team with crossover items such as benefits and contracts.
  • Develop and lead on all compensation and benefits strategy and processes.
  • Conducting formal and informal employee surveys, understanding employee opinions, engagement drivers, and culture indicators and anticipating their needs and concerns.
  • Develop and implement innovative strategies of retention for our team.
  • Build a meritocratic career plan and rewarding plan.
  • Build the People team in order to accomplish all the responsibilities described here and prepare the company for its growth.
Culture & Diversity :
  • Stimulate efforts to further incorporate our culture and our unique values to promote the diversity and inclusion of all people, managing People and Culture projects and internal communications.
  • Identifying and providing recommendations on changes to be made within the organization to improve culture and business operations.
Data Driven:
  • Provide information for the entire company, interpreting data from people and analyzing KPIs that generate value and information that can be translated into People strategy.
  • Develop, track and improve dashboards that indicate strategic actions to be developed through systems such as Linkedin, Stackoverflow, ATS, internal monitoring worksheets and reports of People development programs.
We are looking for a strategic organizational leader with practical experience in the three pillars of people: Recruitment, Development, and Compensation, developing and delivering our people strategy. The ideal candidate will bring experience in setting direction at all stages of the organizational life cycle and talents, including a proven record-building system and culture to enable scalability. We are looking for a leader who can help us sustain and build on our culture and core values in a time of fast growth. Entering this chair, this professional needs to be an expert in quickly assessing the current state of the organization, setting priorities, setting expectations and proposing improvements, and continuing the current organizational and talent development plan. This effort will need to address both immediate organizational needs and future business and talent needs. Personal / Professional Attributes:
  • Evidence of continuous professional development in qualification in People Management.
  • Bachelor in Business Administration, Engineering and/or relevant areas; MSc / MA will be a plus.
  • Strong analytical skills to think logically, identify root causes of problems, and the ability to think creatively and solve problems.
  • Ability to confidently articulate Human Resources issues for internal staff and external stakeholders, both in writing and verbally.
  • Influence skills to build credibility and negotiate well with others in a way that results in acceptance and agreement.
  • Leadership skills to guide the discussion in order to achieve the goals and promote best practices within the CIA.
  • Empathy and listening ability to understand the opinions of others and tolerate different needs and points of view. Tact and the ability to identify and manage conflicts.
  • Must come with a strong practical mindset with a focus on execution and high motivation to take an active role in our company.
  • Operate well under stress, even in the face of tight timelines for ambitious deliveries.
  • Strong Communicator.
  • Strong and determined leader who can guide team character, direction, and strategy.
  • Vale refeição e/ou alimentação (com desconto de apenas 1 real :D)
  • Plano de saúde 100% subsidiado pela empresa (Contabikiller paga somente a coparticipação)
  • Convênio farmácia
  • Seguro de vida
  • Gympass
  • Inglês in Company
  Benefícios que só os Contabikillers têm:
  • Horário flexível
  • Frutas disponíveis todos os dias 😀
  • Máquina de café Nespresso pra você encontrar aquela disposição e ainda bater um papo com o amigo
  • Desconto em restaurantes locais e outros comércios
  • Convênio com Universidades e para cursos
  • Ambiente descontraído com videogame, mesa de sinuca, pebolim e muita alegria 🙂
  • Copa com geladeira para você deixar aquela cerveja gelar e beber quando estiver afim e microondas para aquecer o seu rango 😀
  • Happy Hours
  • Dog Day toda sexta-feira (você pode trazer seu amiCÃO para passar o dia com a gente)
  • No dress code (isso mesmo, você não precisa se preocupar com formalidades)
  • Cultura de Feedback (1:1)
  • Home-office eventual
  • Onboarding especial (em sua primeira semana fazemos uma integração para que você conheça todas as áreas da empresa!)
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“The dynamic environment that we have here in Contabilizei is a differential point – you see the results of your work quickly happening for the customers, and that is the coolest part”
Giovanne Momeso
“I had my own company but I have decided to come because I was excited about the challenge. And Contabilizei has been a super school for me – here I have an opportunity to learn exponentially”
Jairo Cantillo
Head of Product

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