Interaction Designer (m/w)

Interaction Designer (m/w)

Interaction Designer (m/w)


About us

At inne, we believe that natural contraception should be effective and convenient so more women can benefit from it. We use science, technology and design innovation to make this happen. We are developing a connected product that will empower women to make informed decisions about their fertility, sexuality and overall female health based on their hormones.

About your role

We are looking for an Interaction Designer to join our multidisciplinary team. We have built the core of our product and your role will be to iterate and expand our app, creating an outstanding user experience based on women’s needs. You will work collaboratively with our interdisciplinary team, bringing in your expertise and ideas.

About your skills

  • Excellent UI skills and level of craft
  • Solid grounding in interaction design
  • Motivation to get your hands dirty going beyond interaction design to deliver true value to our users.
  • Ability to prototype efficiently to test ideas with appropriate level of fidelity
  • Experience working with agile & scrum methodologies
  • Experience with and passion for iOS applications
  • Experience in working with developers and creating products for market
  • Good communication skills
  • Team spirit with a willingness to teach and learn within your team

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“We have a very interdisciplinary team, but you quickly realise that we’re connected with our values and with our goals. Even though we come with such a different background, in the end we’re trying to achieve the same together”.
Franziska Mayer.
Creative Director


“What drives me working at inne is that finally I can make something real that can go in the market. That’s something I’ve always wanted as a scientist and something I wasn’t satisfied with while I was doing just the research”.
Gianluca Adornetto.
Lead Scientist

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