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For Professionals who would be open to listening to better job opportunities but do not want to actively look for a job, Talentese is an innovative Job Matching Platform that will provide you real job offers from companies where you will truly fit, without applying to any jobs and keeping your identity anonymous until you decide to have a first real interview.

Talentese Job Matching Platform

We’re working hard to launch our platform.

If you want us to inform you please tell us your email and we’ll send you an email when it will be ready. 

How our Matching Platform will work:


Sign up and request to join our platform. Tell us your salary expectations, your location preferences (also remote), and tell us what would be your ideal working environment. Upload your resume just once. Your profile will not be visible to anyone.


Companies publish their jobs on the platform – including clear salary range and benefits – and they take a culture assessment. When we find at Talentese that a job could be a good fit for you, we will show it to you. The companies do not see to whom we show their job offers.


Decide which jobs are the right ones for you and let our tool coordinate the interviews between you and the company hiring for those roles. Only at this moment, the company will see your name, your picture, your social media links, and your contact details.


Perform your interviews with the companies and get hired in just a few steps, without having to apply to any job! The companies sign a confidentiality agreement to not disclose any details about you if they do not end up hiring you.

Expected benefits


We at Talentese know your expectations and we will only forward you offers from companies when we truly know that will be what you expect. Forget about having to apply to jobs without any idea of what to expect or the painful back and forth with headhunters.


With the everyday stress it can be difficult to find the time to look for new jobs, prepare application documents, etc. At Talentese we have changed the rules of the game: you create a profile only once and we will connect you with companies and jobs that will be a good fit for you.


In several cases you’re open to a better job but it’s not easy to look for a job with full privacy.  Our process will ensure you full confidentiality and nobody will know that you’re looking for a job until you accept a real interview for a real job offer that interests you.


If you’re not sure if you are paid accordingly, Talentese will be your perfect solution to discover your true market value. Set up your salary expectations and let the offers from companies come to you. The expert team of Talentese will be by your side to help you find the perfect role according to your expectations.

We inform you when it will be ready.

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