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Is That Company Really a Great Place to Work?

by Talentese Team 15/09/2017

Being happy at work is closely related with working at one of the best firms to work for, in a company with the right culture for you. Naturally, you will feel much better if your colleagues, co-workers, managers and the whole environment feels like you, thinks similar to you and share your personal values.

But in many cases it’s not obvious how to figure out the culture of a company before actually working there during sometime. Even though today most of the company websites have some people talking about how their live at work is, this is not enough to get an accurate idea of the daily life at the company.

When looking at these websites all companies seem to be the same: all of them focus on “engagement of our employees” and “total satisfaction of our customers”. But this doesn’t say that much, doesn’t it? This is pretty obvious and it must be the 101 of every company.

For you, as job seeker, this is not enough to know if a company is a good fit for you or not. You need to dig deeper and learn if it’s really one of the best firms to work for. Here a few tips and tricks to help you discover if a company would be a good fit for you and help you avoid disappointment by choosing the wrong company.


Research the company:

Read what the press is saying about this company, what the people are discussing in the social media and what other employees are saying (you can use sites such as or to identify top employers).


Ask somebody working there:

Of course, if you know somebody working at this company, ask how REALLY working there is. Take some time with this person and ask him or her about your concerns. Most probably, the concerns of this person are similar to yours, therefore he or she would be able to give you a good insight. If you don’t know somebody working at this company, use resources such as to research somebody working there and ask him or her the right questions. Don’t be ashamed to ask. You’ll be surprised how people are much more collaborative than what you might think.


Observe by yourself:

Don’t just focus on the job title. If you get to an interview, observe around as much as you can and try to make a good idea of how the company is. How were you received for the interview? How are the formalities of the people? How are the people dressing at the office? Are there open spaces or closed offices? Are the managers in separated offices or are they together in the same areas as the rest of the people? By observing around you will be able to get a very good idea of what would be working there and if this would be the best company for you.



If the company is already registered in Talentese, don’t miss the opportunity to explore it from the inside, see what real employees say and get a great overview on the company culture.


by Talentese Team 15/09/2017

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