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How to Successfully Develop Your Career?

How to Successfully Develop Your Career?

How many times you’ve wondered what to do in order to progress in your career and reach your career objective? However, the time goes by and… you keep doing the same things.

Or, how many times you’ve wondered how to change your job and work on something that you really “love”, but you don’t know how to get there because you are “scared to dead”. However, the time goes by and… you keep doing the same things.

And how many times you’ve imagined a different professional live to the one that you have currently? However, every Monday at 7:30 am the alarm rings, the time goes by and… you keep doing the same things.

You need a coach, and a good one. Why not?

A good coach, on top of having a great coaching experience and being ICF Certified (International Coach Federation, the most prestigious organization in the world regulating the coaching services. ), it will help you in a way that by YOURSELF:


#1 – You will clarify your own objectives and solve the mental chaos that most probably you’re having right now and that makes you feel lost.


#2 – You will discover your “I don’t know” and transform them in “I know, and besides: I know how to do it”. Between us, this is one of the big tests to know whether you’re working with a great coach or not.


#3 – You will determine what is really important for you so you will be able to focus on this in the way that you really want and works for you.


#4 – You will identify your “blind spots”. A good coach will guide you to find out those aspects that you don’t know about yourself in a way that they will be evident for you and you will take maximum benefit from them. You’ll discover how to go beyond those things that you’ve never imagined but, most probably, are blocking you to reach your goals.


#5 – You will focus on your development and evolution from the positive side in order to invest your time in an efficient and fruitful way. Be careful! You’ll be always working from the present towards the future. The past it’s past and it’s not possible to change it. So, why investigate it?


#6 – You will recognize and make an intelligent use of your competitive advantages, winning an extra speed in comparison with what you would do by yourself.


#7 – You will win new ways to develop and expand your abilities and leadership competencies. You will increase your productivity and develop your own techniques to solve the most difficult professional situations that you can imagine, learning by yourself how to handle them easily.


#8 – You will increase the commitment with yourself and with your personal goals. Being able to identify and track milestones will help you to have consciousness of your evolution and your own development. Remember that a good coach will show you always the ROI of your actions. If not, most probably you’re in front of a “conversation of consciousness” and this is not coaching.


#9 – You will feel better, more positive and with more self-confidence. A good coach will put in evidence how you are aligning your actions with your personal values and objectives and if this is what you really want.


#10 – You will simply reach, finally! those things that seemed to be impossible before.


Choosing a great coach will change your life. Why not?

But how? Choosing us!

Welcome to Halo, the company that I founded from an innovative and different perspective to reach finally a new way of doing business. That business that everyone talks about in the 21st century but just a few put in practice, because people normally keep doing the same things…

Do you dare to try?



Mónica Albuja is PCC Coach by ICF and member of the Competences Committee for ICF Spain. She also has a Senior degree as Ontological coach. Also specialized in executive team coaching and team mentoring y Master Practitioner NLP. She is Halo´s CEO ( the company she founded to increase high potential&talent development through talent branding, executive coaching, experience training and motivation empowerment.

Mónica Albuja

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