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How to Look More Self-Confident in Front of Others?

How to Look More Self-Confident in Front of Others?

by Talentese Team 15/09/2017

Employee branding with a splash of Confidence

Do you ever look around and wonder why some people are more adept at showcasing themselves? The secret is that they believe in employee branding or personal branding. An employee brand is your personal showcase to promote and mark your name and career. If you think you need assistance, you can always visit a career guidance counselor to chalk your stellar career path! Sounds exciting right? Powerful employee branding and confidence boosting will help you attract capital and relevant talent; get you promotions and fast-track your success chart.

Why do I need confidence for that?

Self-esteem and confidence are very important milestones in achieving your dreams. Everyone has dreams, so let’s see how we can help you achieve yours. Portraying yourself as a confident person helps build your own confidence, and the plus point is that people also begin building confidence in you. Wow, right? Finding ways to improve your confidence and being successful in life is the key.

Let’s look at 10 ways you can improve your confidence and build your employee brand:


1. Posture matters!

Next time you see yourself slouching in your favorite chair in front of the TV or laptop, straighten your back. When meeting new people, smile and extend your arm for a firm (not hard) handshake. Walk with your shoulders pushed slightly back and neck straight. When clicking a selfie, stand straighter, and own up to your smile. Forbes suggests these small things help in feeling self-assured and confident.


2. Goal!!

Have a goal? Work towards it! Set measurable and achievable milestones for your personal employee brand. Don’t be disheartened if it looks too hard to achieve. Take it steady and believe in yourself. You know what works best. Learn from mistakes and keep improving upon them. Allow space to change some goals but be persistent in achieving them. Psychology suggests visualising goals helps achieving them faster (Baumgartner, 2011). Monitor your progress and celebrate each milestone with joy!


3. Relationships are important!

Become inspirational and share stories about your work and life balance by being consistent. It’s all about openness and honesty. Remember, the key is consistency. Become a career guidance counselor to peers and offer them your experiences to learn from. The best way to create relationships is to be truthful and approachable. The mantra is to listen when others speak to you. Show how you can be of assistance and people will always gravitate towards you.


4. Be visible!

Start a website and blog showcasing your employee branding. Be proud of your work, and boost it on social media sites. Attend conferences and forums relevant to your work and network with industry experts to increase your knowledge base. Use these platforms to vocalize your ideas and improve your personal identity. Start climbing the career ladder!


5. Identify your strengths!

Your strengths help build confidence. Visit a career guidance counselor to assess your strengths and weaknesses by taking a skills test. Always focus on the positive aspects. Working on your strengths helps boost confidence and improve latent abilities. If you’re still unsure, ask your peers and friends to help identify your strengths. Get insights from diverse people and see the results!


6. Positivity wins!

Bring positivity into all aspects of your personality. Remember your hard work and past successes. Most people choose to remember their failures. Don’t make this costly mistake. Remember your past successes. Focus on the positive and don’t dwell too much on your failures – learn from them. If you are adept at some stuff, concentrate on that and own up to it. The feeling after you succeed is fantastic. Play around with it, and always stay happy.


7. Socialize!

According to Jeet Banerjee (TEDx speaker and serial entrepreneur), it’s best to actually be social and not put on a front. Start a blog and share your knowledge. Your beliefs and life stories go a long way in connecting and networking with people. After consulting a career guidance counselor, create a brand that is uniquely you; don’t be a copycat. Use social media platforms as a means to connect. Be yourself, and have fun!


8. Sweat it out!

Indulge in a hobby to de-stress from your work life. Even your career guidance counselor will advise you to make time for yourself. If you enjoy physical activity, go for a jog or run at least twice a week. Join a Zumba, aerobics or belly dancing class, do something different from your routine and meet new people. Exercising and mingling with new people leads to a boost in confidence. If you enjoy painting, then do so or learn a new musical instrument. You’ll soon realize how amazing you feel at the end of the day!


9. Friendship first!

Always, always make time for your friends, no matter how busy you are. Go out for a movie, to a coffee shop, or just catch up with your old pals. Your besties and BFF’s are your greatest critics. Listen to them and take their feedback into account. Not only do they boost your confidence and self-esteem, but also help you find your way if you’re feeling lost or confused.


10. Live for yourself!

What’s the most important thing ever? Live for yourself. Don’t fall into the age old trap where living for others equates putting your life on pause. Plan how you want the rest of your life to look. Live it, breathe it, feel it. Spend time and energy charting your life out, think about your goals and ambitions. Write down your plan of action and use it as self-motivation to achieve your goals.

Building your confidence and employee brand takes time and perseverance. Put in the effort to help yourself grow. It’s worth it! Your confidence and self-esteem stick by you forever. They become an intrinsic part of your unique personality. And who knows? You might just be able to talk to that special someone and grab yourself your dream date. So shine on, and show everyone how amazing you are. Become the leader you always aspired to be!

by Talentese Team 15/09/2017

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