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How to Find the Right Job-Fit: The Key Lies Inside of Us!

Understand your Motivation and Style

How to find your future job? You don’t need a career quiz to find the right answer! Keep it simple, start with yourself! Look into your past or present and try to find and formulate your style, motivations, needs and goals first. What were those college projects or extracurricular activities that really excited you and when you had the feeling that you achieved something or made an impact onto others? In those particular situations how were you able to contribute to a successful outcome: was it through your focus and discipline, or was it through your intellectual or analytical input? How were you able to promote and convince others to join you in your endeavour? Were those people that you were already close to from before or were those people that you hadn’t known (well) before? Those questions might give you already a good clue on how you get things done: are you dominantly a doer who is able to work independently? Are you a thinker who likes to understand the processes first before starting the task? Are you someone who can easily convince others to join and work together on projects and tasks or do you feel more comfortable if you are paired up with a person that you can relate to? If you are still clueless or you want to be sure, Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 Online Assessment (a professional career quiz) will help you to establish a reliable description of your dominantly used talents that ultimately define your working style and motivation.

Be able to articulate your Values

From here you will also be able to articulate your needs: what work environment can trigger your being at your best? I am not talking about a good salary, benefits and other incentives but more about what you as an individual need from a self-actualized point of view such as the values that you have grown up with and that have helped you to operate within certain moral limits in a productive way.

Knowing and being able to point out your non-negotiable core values will provide you a tool that you can use to align with people around you. Think especially of your relationships with old friends and/or partner. Once you are clear about your principles and values such as honesty, trust, finance, loyalty, family, health etc., you will be able to align it with the organisation that you are looking to spend most of your time with. However, if you cannot find an intersection within those, which is very unlikely, a long term work engagement is probably the next step.

Find Your Meaning

Last but not the least, going through this exercise will bring you closer to a recap of your personal goals. These are much deeper than material goals like owning your own villa, buying a sports car and having your first million on your bank account. Being able to discover and embrace these goals will enable you to define true happiness and meaning in life. Once you come to an understanding that your style, needs and motivation are very much steered by your innate behaviour and your perception of the world, you will then realise that you have a very unique edge on how to contribute to the whole. If you have doubts, just ask your friends about your typical features. They will for sure point out the things that they find very special about you! If you understand your purpose and how valuable you are to the society you live and work in, then you will be able to see how you can be part of something bigger than just thinking of your own immediate needs and wants.

Once you are clear about all of those components style, motivation, needs and goal or in other words your Strengths, Core Values and Meaning, you know how to find your future job and that’s the time when you can pick the list of companies that you are interested in. You can then do your online research, inquire from friends who work there and maybe during the job interview ask the manager about their Corporate Vision, Purpose and Core Values and her working style in order for you to match your “personal shopping list”.


by Alexander Wollboldt 09/02/2018

Alex Wollboldt is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), – Consultant (CMC) and Gallup Strengths Coach and has a decade of corporate professional history as Finance Head and Director in manufacturing and service industries in different locations such as Germany, Japan and the Philippines. He is a founding partner at Wissen Solomon, a business consultancy that provides businesses through consulting and coaching expertise in the area of digitization, marketing, finance, operations and organizational development. Alex also acts as co-director for OSG Global Consultancy taking care of various areas involving private equity investments, financial advisory, M&A mostly in the Philippines and other South East Asian countries.

Alexander Wollboldt

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