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You need to do these 5 things to become a great leader 

You need to do these 5 things to become a great leader

by Talentese Team 13/09/2018

Let’s learn how to become a good leader in workplace!

Leaders are people who set direction and goals for groups and help their team achieve those goals. Personality characteristics can vary quite a fair bit, but there are several common traits that most leaders possess. The two most common factors in all good leaders are the ability to think of the bigger picture and the capacity to be influential amongst people.

Leaders have an uncanny ability to visualize what the future would hold for the company or organization. Once this focus is clear, they are able to successfully exploit any opportunities and improve their personal employee branding. Most people take time to figure out what is happening and get apprehensive about the change in markets or work environments. Leaders are able to embrace these changes with gusto and lead their teams and companies to better heights. How they communicate, deal with change, and ease people into newer roles and jobs are some of the things that make leaders worth following. Any good career guidance counselor will advise you to start thinking about yourself as a leader in the future so that you can start molding yourself into that role now.

Let us look at ways how to become a good leader in workplace!


Drive Win-Win situations:

Many people fail to acknowledge that business thrives when all parts involved feel like they achieved something. When in meetings with decision makers, bosses, or other employees, always try to see the bigger picture and advocate a scenario where everyone walks as a winner. No one likes people who step on other peoples’ toes. Don’t let anyone become a failure either in business or in relationships. Keep driving the point of ‘Win-Win’ situations in all meetings so that people naturally start looking to you for solutions. 


Keep all promises made:

Be very careful about what promises and commitments you make at work. The credibility of being a leader is achieved only when promises are kept and expectations are fulfilled. Keeping your promises and delivering on work scheduled can work wonders for your personal employee branding in the long term. People will start turning to you for hard or difficult assignments because the trust and faith you instill in them would have increased over time. Becoming a leader is not something that is achieved overnight. It takes time and trust of colleagues and decision makers. Ensure that you follow through on your promises with integrity and discipline. Ensure that your team works towards the common goals and set tasks with equal fervor and integrity.


Be committed to your employee branding:

One of the fastest ways how to become a good leader in workplace is to pay attention to your employee branding. Grow your team as you seek personal and career growth. Ensure that you are available to guide your team and colleagues with operational issues, service concerns, sales requests, and customer and client relationship management.  One way to do this would be to pay close attention to how you speak with people and how you are able to assist them. As soon as you start helping others, your personal growth and leadership potential is assured.


Tackle uncomfortable things:

There are many people who are hesitant to step out of their comfort zones. Don’t fall prey to this. One of the most essentials things to becoming a leader is to tackle uncomfortable things in front of decision-makers, clients, and customers. Be known as the person who is willing to do work given in order to improve the brand image and value of the company. Leaders are always seen to execute particularly uncomfortable tasks. Start practicing this with a colleague, mentor, or friend, and you will soon overcome your fear of things outside your comfort zone. Being able to build stronger relationships, speak to new people, and build long-lasting relationships with peers, colleagues, and customers is an important way of securing your leadership quality.


Gather resources and spread them:

Leaders are very transparent with their knowledge. In order to be able to follow footsteps of great leaders, you should ensure that you have a veritable mine of resources. Read extensively and gather resources that you feel will you in furthering your career. When you have used the resources gathered, be sure to pass them on to others in your team. Spreading knowledge and information is a key method how to become a good leader in workplace: be to build a website with your resources and articles and start spreading the word. Ensure that you are always ready to assist others with your knowledge.


In addition to the above ways, we advise that you read extensively about your industry and stay up to date on current affairs. As you read and speak about your knowledge, you will soon start building long-lasting relationships with people who will prefer coming to you for advice. Becoming a leader ultimately means sharing more, doing more, leading more, and working more than others. Share your insights and do not hesitate to help others around you. Once you learn to effectively take responsibility for your work and drive it with passion, you will be able to grow your business and brand image while growing as a leader. Use these simple tips to start your journey as a leader so that you are able to successfully attain your goals.

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