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How Social Media Can Help You Improve Your Career?

How Social Media Can Help You Improve Your Career?

by Talentese Team 29/12/2017

It’s the end of 2017, and there are perhaps 50 different things you’ve planned for yourself for 2018. If you are planning to search for a new job soon, then we advise using social media to improve your career. Be it small or large, we all use social media to connect.

Any senior career guidance counselor will tell you the importance of using social media to improve your career. In fact, some of the best firms to work for prefer it if you are tech savvy!

Let us see how social media can help improve your career

Start your own profiles

Create your online presence through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on. These sites are a great way to know people and network sitting in your living room! Seek out forums applicable to you and read content in them. Create your own blogs/ write-ups and publish them in these forums. Speak to a career guidance counselor about framing concise write ups.


Integrate various social media accounts

Best firms to work with keenly observe if your work is uniform over social media. Maintaining uniformity helps in keeping a balanced outlook about your blogs, write ups and published articles. Recruiters use applications like Workable that seamlessly integrate all your social media accounts to your name and Profile. Consult a senior recruiter to understand the process when you seek career counseling for experienced professionals.


Seek References from peers

Please seek references on your social media profiles! Today, most recruiters conduct a background check by simply checking social media to see what people are saying about you. If you have any colleagues or peers on your profiles, request them for a reference in return for one from you too.

A good headhunter from any of the best firms to work for will always check your references online.


Refine your presence

Career guidance counselors will tell you that refining your online presence works towards showcasing a filtered view of you. Using appropriate language, adding information relevant to industry, and publishing work-oriented content is an excellent showcase of your presence.


Communicate effectively

You’re used to communicating in a specific style. Suddenly, unknown people will be connecting with you. How do you work around this landmine? Be innovative and understand what content goes where. Facebook is different from Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram and so on. Use language creatively to showcase your uniqueness. To know relevancy and correct usage of language, get career counseling for experienced professionals.


Apply for jobs through social media

The next step is to start applying for jobs via social media sites. Some of the best firms to work for, post their current jobs on their social media pages. Invariably, recruiters use such direct applications to check suitability first. As you network with individuals from different companies, you might get to know of jobs available before they are posted online. In such cases, applying first helps. Apply extensively through sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Facebook Jobs. Build your presence slowly and start interacting with people currently working there.


Build your unique content

While this may be a long term idea, it’s never too early to start. Writing your own ideas and content works, in the long run, to place you as a ‘thought leader’. The best firms to work for tend to give such people preference during discussions and talks. You can also attach links to works published by you in your resume/profile.


Portray yourself

Use a current photo in a professional setting as your profile photo across all sites. Career guidance counselors advise that facial recognition is stronger if there is uniformity in the same photo. Recruiters tend to remember a face they have seen multiple times rather than one that looks different every time.


Summarize effectively

Summarize your work profile and achievements in a concise, succinct manner. This summary should be well written, without any grammatical errors. Visit a career guidance counselor to help word this write-up. Ensure that these few paragraphs highlight your achievements, accomplishments and emphasize the positions you are interested in. Ideally, every social media profile has an ‘About Me’ section. This would be a good place to showcase this.


Network with alumni

Join your old school and university alumni pages and reconnect with old peers. Start networking to get a pulse on where they are all working. Often times, it’s old friends who will post on alumni groups about job openings. Attend alumni events and meet up with peers regularly to maintain good relations.

Use online social media to propel you into the next stage of your career. Enhance your employee branding and communication skills by networking and become an online presence! Visit a career guidance counselor often to assist you in your hunt for better opportunities. Social media can support you in fast tracking your path to success. Use some of these tips to start your career!

by Talentese Team 29/12/2017

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