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How Happy Are You With Your Boss?

How Happy Are You With Your Boss?

by Karin Singh 23/01/2018

Recently, did you praise your boss for a job well done, or did you think “now it would be the perfect time to quit’?

Have you ever thought you couldn’t stand your bad boss’s behaviour anymore?

Let’s also not ignore the result of a Gallup study that revealed that about 50% of 7.200 adults surveyed left a job to get away from their bad boss!

What are the indicators that should make you re-think whether you really want to work for your current boss?

Watch out for this:


# 1 – Your boss is incompetent and doesn’t know what s/he is doing.

If there is a lack of leadership and the wrong information is passed on to staff, it doesn’t really set a good example. The consequence is confusion, loss of respect and unproductivity.


# 2 – Your boss treats their employees with disrespect.

Have your ideas been ignored? Have you been talked over? Have you been criticised unfairly? Have you been sexually harassed? Has your holiday request initially been approved and then in the last minute been rejected? Have you experienced discrimination on a regular basis? If yes, then you should seriously consider looking for another company where the boss knows how to appreciate their employees. Checking out the company’s ratings on Glassdoor, where employees have the power to rate their boss, would be a good idea!


# 3 – Your boss is utterly self-centred.

Is your bad boss self-obsessed, having a big ego and always looking for approval? Does s/he take criticism very badly? Then it’s time to change company or ask a career guidance counselor for some advice what you can do about it. If a boss gives their employees the impression that s/he is the superstar, while everyone else is just a waste of space, it should raise a red flag.


# 4 – Your boss is a micromanager.

Do you feel that your boss is looking too much into every employees’ job? Do you have the impression that there is a lack of trust and that every task that is carried out, is being questioned? Does he not give you the freedom to decide by yourself how you are going to do your task to achieve the set target? What a pity! Your boss misses out on the opportunity to empower their employees in achieving outstanding ideas and results!


# 5 – Your boss has a negative attitude.

Dealing with a person who is manipulative, shows an unreasonable behaviour, is selfish and spreads gossip, is not easy to work with. Do you really want to waste your time working for a boss that is disruptive and has a negative impact on the whole staff? Or would the company start offering training sessions for their staff on career counselling for experienced professionals to tolerate their unruly boss?


# 6 – Praise doesn’t exist in your boss’s vocabulary.

If your boss is a master in criticising you, but never notices when you do a good job, it’s obvious that your motivation will not be high. How long can you really take such kind of behaviour?


# 7 – Your boss forgets that you have a life outside work.

If your boss expects you to work over time for weeks (without any recognition or even paying you for it) then serious steps need to be taken.


# 8 – Your boss sells your ideas as his own.

If you have great solutions to the company’s problems, the last thing you wish is that your boss considers them as his own. It’s a real sign of disrespect and lack of management skills if this ever happens to you.


Unfortunately, behaviours like these happen every day in workplaces. Remind yourself that you don’t need to spend and waste your career with people that suck your energy, belittle you and destroy your self-confidence. Get out of there and if you need help to cope with certain situations, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a career guidance counselor.

By the way, you would be surprised how many people on Twitter are complaining about their bad boss. Ever tried to enter #ihatemyboss on Twitter? Give it a try and you will see… you are not the only one to feel that way!

Remember, using social media to criticize your boss is NEVER a good idea. It does not bring you any benefit. On the contrary, you are sabotaging your own career, do you really want to do that to yourself?

Karin Schroeck-Singh’s passion lies in creating, translating and promoting content of high-quality in multiple languages (English, German, Italian). She holds an MBA from the University of Leicester (UK) and is the author of several ebooks. She gained more that 20 years of international work experience in various industries in Italy, the UK and India. Helping businesses to optimise their online presence is her priority, no client or project is too big or too small for her.

Stop worrying. Start outsourcing!

Karin Schroeck-Singh

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