Smart Company Match (Beta)

The new era of job search is coming – We’re getting ready to launch our “Smart Company Match System ©”. Be the first one to try it and get individual job offers based on your needs and values.

Smart Company Match (Beta)

How does it work?

Tell us about you

Take our fun CFT © test and help us understand what moves you at work and in life.

Get matched

Our algorithm will process your input and show you in which companies you will fit!

Apply and be hired

Deeply explore the companies that our system suggest, apply and you soon will be hired!


You have found a job in a company that fits with you as employee and as person.

When you fit, it simply works!

At Talentese, we want to help you find that company that truly feels like “your” place! We believe that choosing a job is not only about your tasks and salary – it’s so much about a personality fit, life and work style match.
That’s why we are about to introduce a new way of looking for a job – we’re currently working on the “Smart company match” algorithm to make sure that you can find the company and position that would be an ideal fit for you! Are you ready?

Refer a friend to Talentese

Have friends looking for a job?

Invite them to register in Talentese and we will give you 150€ once they get a job through us!

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