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FAQ for Companies


What is Talentese?

Talentese is a job platform that targets mainly people not actively looking for a job, but who are open to considering interesting job offers. In oder words: we uncover the great passive talent market.

How does Talentese work?

  1. TELL US WHAT YOUR ARE LOOKING FOR: The first step is to tell us what jobs you are recruiting for. But Talentese is about finding suitable candidates for you, so we also ask your teams to take our Company Culture Assessment that will uncover the most relevant aspects of your company culture!
  2. GET PRE-SELECTED CANDIDATES: Access a big database of candidates pre-selected by us, that will truly fit your company and team culture, on top of the classical job requirements fit.  Every candidate on Talentese is not actively looking for a job but is willing to get offers from companies and start conversations with them! Talents simply love our approach.
  3. START DIRECT CONVERSATIONS: Once you select the candidates that fit all the required criteria – from our pre-selection – it’s time to initiate conversations with them! You can send them direct messages or invite them directly to a first interview. As every Talent on Talentese is ready to consider job offers, you can expect a response rate of over 96%!
  4. RUN YOUR INTERVIEWS, CHOSE HIRE! No more time wasted managing tools and emails. Talentese integrates the features of a powerful ATS and many more: chat with candidates, follow up with them, plan interviews and let our tool do the administrative work, so you can focus on what really matters. One platform for everything!

What makes Talentese different from any other job platform?

At Talentese we believe that the best Talents are not always actively looking for a job and know how hard it is to find out those so-called passive Talents.

Even though there are many Talents on our platform looking for a job, our main focus is passive candidates. This makes us different from most of the job platforms out there.

Why so many Talents are joining your platform?

Talents can join our platform extremely easily and can be contacted by companies without all the burden of applying to jobs, also in full confidence.

When the people are truly open to considering better job offers and companies are ready to propose them, it simply works! If this resonates with you, sign up here, and start hiring great talents quickly.

What is the cost of using Talentese?

One of the most attractive parts of using Talentese is that you only pay a success fee when you hire someone from the candidates proposed by us. Our model is 100% risk-free.

According to your needs, we offer different payment modalities: choose between one single payment or splitting the success fee in small monthly payments

For detailed pricing and special offers please contact us at

Is there any risk to hire on Talentese?

No! All hiring fees are covered by our guarantee and replacement policy. 

  • In the payment modality of one single payment: if a candidate leaves your company within the first 90 days, you’ll get a credit to make a new hire with us, at no extra cost.   
  • In the payment modality of monthly payments: the payment stops if the candidate leaves within the first 18 months, whenever the candidate leaves your company.

Do you have any special requirements to companies joining Talentese?

Yes, your company must be hiring and paying employees salaries according to the market levels. If you have doubts if your company fills the requirements to use Talentese, please sign up and we’ll discuss it with you.

As a company, what kind of support from Talentese do I have?

As a company using Talentese you will have mainly two types of support:

  • You will have support for everything related to the use of the tool: account, usability, problems with the tool, etc. 
  • And you will have support from our Talent Matchmakers. They are HR experts who belong to the Talentese team and ensure that the whole hiring process runs smoothly. They are responsible for checking that the resume of candidates is complete, requesting missing information if needed, and animate companies and candidates during the whole hiring process. They will be your best friends during the recruiting process!

We define ourselves as a customer-centered company therefore the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority!

Do we need to publish our jobs in the Talentese tool?

We can initially publish your jobs in our tool for you, at no cost. After the initial publishing you have to keep the jobs up to date.

You do a Culture Fit Assessment. What is the science behind this assessment?

At Talentese we analyse the cultural aspects of companies, candidates and employees based on 5 pillars: Team climate, Work flexibility, Development opportunities, Responsibilities, Hierarchy.

These 5 axes of measurement are the results of a collaboration project with the Technical University of Ingolstadt. In this project we asked more than 200+ what are the cultural elements that would influence their satisfaction and engagement at work.

Out of the different answers we concluded that the most relevant are the alignments on these 5 aspects.

FAQ for Talents


What is Talentese?

Talentese is a job platform for people not actively looking for a job, but who are open to considering interesting job offers.

Of course, for everyone looking for a job, Talentese is highly interesting too.

How does Talentese work?

  1. BE READY IN LESS THAN 8 MINUTES: Tell us yoursalary expectations,your location preferences (also remote), and tell us what would be yourideal working environment.Upload your resumejust once.The whole process takesless than 8 minutes!
  2. GET JOB OFFERS: Companies publish their jobs on the platform – including clear salary range and benefits – and they take a culture assessment. When we find at Talentese that a job could be agood fit for you,we will present you to the companies andthey will get in touchwith you.You can decide who sees your profile.
  3. PICK YOUR DREAM JOB: Decide which jobs are the right ones for you and let our technology coordinate the interviews between you and the companies hiring for those roles. Our process is really effective as companies will make you offers with clear salary and conditions upfront.
  4. GET HIRED: Perform your interviews for the jobs that interest youandget hired in just a few steps, without having to apply to any job! The companies sign a confidentiality agreement to not disclose any details about you if they do not end up hiring you.

Is Talentese free?

Yes! As a job seeker, you will not have to pay anything for using Talentese!

Can everyone join Talentese?

Yes, however to receive real job offers you must clearly state that you’re open to that. If you’re not really open to consider great job offers we encourage you to not join our platform.

Who can see my profile?

By default, your profile is not visible to your current and past employers. On top, you have full control to decide if we must not show it to any particular company. It’ll be our secret 😀

How do you define which jobs are a good fit for me?

When you sign up, we will ask you to upload your resume and create your profile (only once!). We will also ask you questions about your working preferences and career goals.

Then we combine A. I. technology with human intervention to process that information and connect you with the best companies and jobs for you.

Do you really remove all the pain of looking for a job?

Yes! You just need to spend 8 minutes creating your profile and we will take it from there. We will connect you with best-fitting  jobs and companies! You decide with which companies you want to have a first interview.

On top, a person from Talentese will support you all along the process. You just need to be amazing at the interviews 😀

Why don't I see jobs listed on Talentese?

We’re not a classical job platform where you see the jobs listed and you apply to the ones that you chose. There are many of those, right? 😀

To start getting job offers, please start by creating an account indicating what you’re looking for, your salary expectations, location preferences and preferred working environment, and we’ll get in touch with you very soon with suitable positions according to your selection. You can sign up here.

Can I sign up even if I’m not looking for a job?

Of course! You can always sign up and choose in the settings the status “not looking for a job”. It will be our secret 😀

What kinds of companies are hiring with Talentese?

At Talentese you can find different types of jobs for any kind of background. However, the biggest amount of jobs are in startups and in medium-size companies: IT, finance, marketing, operations, sales, engineering.

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