FAQ for Talents


What is Talentese?
Talentese is a job platform that connects you with Companies based on your personal working preferences and career goals – much more that it is stated in the job desciption and your CV!
How does looking for a job at Talentese look like?
After the registration you tell us more about what job you’re looking for using our Company Fit Test ©. Then you can explore the jobs yourself and apply for the ones you like or wait to be contacted by our Talent Matchmakers or get job offers directly from companies.
What is Company Fit Test and how does it work?
It’s a short test with 5 sections covering all the important aspects influencing your satisfaction with the future job: from development opportunities to the working schedule. Once we learn more about you, it’s much easier for us to match you with the ideal job! Taking a test takes less then 10 minutes and… trust us, it’s actually a fun thing to do!
How do you define which jobs are a good fit for me?
During your registration we ask you a few questions about your work preferences and career goals – our algorithms use this information to suggest jobs that both match all your job search criteria and are in companies that you would feel aligned with.
Do I have to pay to use Talentese?
No. As Talent you don’t need to pay to use Talentese!
What kinds of jobs can I find on Talentese?
At Talentese you can find different types of jobs for any kind of background. However, the biggest amount of jobs are in startups and in medium-size companies: IT, finance, marketing, operations, sales, engineering.
Can I sign up even if I'm not looking for a job?
Of course! You can always just try Talentese out and choose in settings the status “not looking for a job”. It will be our secret 😀

FAQ for Companies


What makes Talentese different from any other job plattform?
At Talentese we believe in connecting companies with talents that would really fit in the team and become satisfied and productive employees. For that we bring personality and cultural fit into the game and look beyond what is stated in CVs and job descriptions – we use machine learning algorithms supported by human control to ensure ideal company-employees fit.
How do you ensure fit between companies and job seekers?
During the registration at the platform, both companies and talents are asked to take Company Fit Test (C) covering the most important aspects influencing employees’ satisfaction with the future job. Test inputs and other accessible data are processed with the help of the machine learning based algorithms to connect Talent and Companies in the best possible way. But that’s not it! To be able to guarantee precise results and ensure smooth communication between both job seekers and employers, we always have extra human control involved.
What is Company Fit Test and how does it work?
It’s a short test measuring 5 pillars defining your company as an employer: we’ll ask you questions about the most important aspects influencing job seekers’ decision to apply and defining their further satisfaction with the job – from learning opportunities to working schedule. Job seekers take the similar test on their side and analysing the outputs helps us enable the best company-candidate fit.
How much does it cost?

We follow the policy of fully transparent pricing. Registration, getting candidate proposals and initially contacting candidates is free. We only charge a success fee when you successfully hire someone through our platform. We offer two payment options:


  • 15% of the candidate’s first annual salary. Full reimbursement guarantee if the candidate leaves within the first 90 days following the candidate’s start date at the company
  • 1% of the candidate’s first annual salary, monthly during 18 months. The payment stops if the candidates leaves at any point during the first 18 months.
How can my company appear on Talentese?
Start here – the registration process is simple and clear. Right after you sign up and tell us more about your company by taking our Company Fit Test © you can publish your first job and start receiving applications!
Do you have any special requirements to companies joining Talentese?
Yes, your company must be hiring and paying employees salaries according to the market levels. Simple sign up and we’ll take it from there.

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