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Rico Fernando is co-founder at Bonrepublic, a great tool that helps organizations to increase motivation through a culture of challenge, collective achievements and peer-to-peer recognition.

In this great interview Rico shares his great experience as HR Leader and company Founder as someone that perfectly understands the greatest challenges that organisations face today when it comes to hiring employees, scaling companies from the ground up and the most important: keeping a high level of motivation and engagement at work.

Listen to the interview if you want to learn: 

  • How Bonrepublic can have a very positive impact on your company.
  • What truly motivates employees today (which is not the same as 20 years ago)?
  • How HR Leaders should consider the Culture Fit during the End-to-End hiring process?
  • Do you really want to change your Company Culture? If yes, you should now true why and you must be able to communicate your reasons.
  • And many more interesting topics…

To find out more about Bonrepublic, simply visit their website at

If you want to contact Rico directly, you can contact him on his LinkedIn.

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