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What HRlab Does

HRlab is the modern Human Capital Management platform combining all HR processes and data in one solution. Including analysis and smart interfaces, HRlab is a complex, agile and user-friendly platform for efficient HR Management.

Work at HRlab

With a lot of flexibility and self-sustainable management of your own job tasks, HRlab is the perfect fit for people that love the mix of independent and collaborative work.

Company Culture

Our idea of an enjoyable and efficient workplace is to appreciate each other and each other’s work. Therefore, HRlab stands out for high-level motivation, which is the result of involvement and of having the chance to push things forward.

“Our big vision for the future is to integrate AI capabilities, because we think that it is the future in dealing with data and analytics and that’s where we are very excited to go to”.

Achim Trude.


“There is not a one person deciding what’s the best architecture, the best technology to develop, we have a big team that decides what’s the best solution for our customer”. 

Patrick Kauder.

Head of IT

“We’re a small startup, you need to be self-aware of what you’re doing and manage your time. If you’re able to do it or willing to learn, you’re the right person for us”.

Philipp Freese.

Backend Web Developer

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