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Combat Monday Morning Blues!

Combat Monday Morning Blues!

by Talentese Team 22/12/2017

After a good restful weekend, we all know the feeling of dread as our alarm rings – it’s Monday morning again! Most of us try coping the best way we can, by taking a deep breath and getting out of bed to follow the same routine for the upcoming week. Unfortunately, this feeling can go on for decades.

Not only is this feeling harmful, but also stressful. Almost everyone wonders where their beautiful weekend went. No one wants to start their day feeling miserable and off. Career guidance counselors suggest that such feelings are unhealthy and can cause adverse reactions. In a perfect world, Monday morning should be happy; you should look forward to another week of work after a restful, fun-filled weekend!

Let’s look at some ways we can battle these Monday morning blues.

What’s the problem?

Start by identifying why you’re filled with dread at the prospect of going back to work. Find out why you’re unhappy to be resuming work on Monday morning. Figure out what’s causing you so much stress that your entire week is in jeopardy. You might realize the root cause of your stress and decide to fix it or move on to something that makes you happier. Your problem area could be as minor as traveling too far, or as major as low pay. Identifying and resolving your problem is a fine way to start combating your Monday morning blues. Be clear about what’s bugging you so much.

Career counseling for experienced professionals also works since career guidance counselors are able to guide you and work with you towards finding a solution.

Your life could be out of balance:

“There is enough strength within you to overcome anything in your life” (Akita, 2014).

Make time for yourself. Irrespective of your work commitments, always make time to relax and meet friends, spend time with family, or simply read a book. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance works wonders in restoring equilibrium.

Career guidance counselors suggest that taking time out to go for a jog or a run also helps in leaps and bounds. Developing a hobby or childhood interest also helps in restoring your cogs to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Ensure you leave office at a decent time and get enough sleep every night. Another thing to remember is to maintain a healthy diet.

Finish maximum work on Friday

One way to cheat your Monday morning blues is to finish majority work on Friday before you head home, thereby leaving your Monday mornings relatively free. This helps tackle the blues by tricking yourself into believing there’s less work on Monday. Try and complete your most dreaded Monday morning tasks on Friday so that you stress less over pending work.

If you have any meetings lined up for Monday morning, pre-reading and preparing them on Friday would be a good way to end your work week. Visit a career guidance counselor to get career counseling for experienced professionals. They can assist you in prioritizing your work schedules so you are able to optimize your time on Mondays.

Dress smartly on Mondays

Dressing smartly always helps in feeling confident and upbeat on Mondays (Psychology, 2013). Dressing well also contributes greatly towards improving productivity and efficiency throughout the day since you look good and feel good. Clean, well-ironed clothes need not be expensive – don’t splurge for Mondays! Research also shows that well-dressed people are more favored for promotions and salary hikes. Career guidance counselors emphasize the need to look your best at work so that you subconsciously work on your employee branding while consciously working on your impression in office.

Eat a healthy breakfast on Monday

Fight off the effects of partying all weekend long with a healthy scrumptious breakfast on Monday morning. Presuming you enjoy a hearty breakfast, tuck in some fresh orange juice, sausages and eggs before you head to work. Eating healthy calms your blood sugar level and stress so that you are able to concentrate better (WebMD).

Invariably, there are always calls, meetings or reviews to attend on Monday mornings. Career counseling for experienced professionals suggests that eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet helps in maintaining optimum productivity and output throughout the day. Ensuring you’re well fed is a great way to avoid feeling crabby!

Plan in advance

Plan your Monday schedule in advance on Friday. Knowing what to expect is always better than something unexpected popping up last minute. Forward planning and setting milestones help in having something to look forward to. Keep your Monday as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Spread your meetings throughout Monday and some on Tuesday to ease the workload. Using a planner or a diary can help you schedule work according to importance and priority. If you need assistance on how to plan your work, visit a career guidance counselor to help streamline your priorities.

Follow these simple tips to combat your Monday morning blues. Sometimes, having a post work Monday plan with friends or family also helps. Space your Monday out comfortably, and relax. It’s not as bad as it seems.

by Talentese Team 22/12/2017

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