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How to Rave Your Best Fit Future Job

How to Rave Your Best Fit Future Job

How to Rave Your Best Fit Future Job – Guiding Questions

by Iris Clermont 09/03/2018

To strengthen your clarity about your big future job picture.

To sharpen your magnifier view for your future job expectations.

To focus on the impact you intend to add to the industry.

with the overall benefit to find your best job fit fast and easy.


Part 1: High level helicopter perspective over your future job:

What attracts you thinking about your future job and thinking about the currently existing market situation?

What plays a key role for you when thinking about your future job from a helicopter or from a distant and relaxing mountain view?


Part 2: Closer magnifiers look to your values and strengths:

What are your TOP 3 values (reliability, honesty, security, freedom, efficiency… please find an example value list from the following link, which need to be met for your future job?

What are your TOP 3 strengths (maximizer, achiever, activator, innovator, futuristic…, example link: Gallup 34 strengths


Part 3: Closer magnifier look to your best job fit:

What kind of company (small, middle, large size, startup…) attracts you most?

What industries (car, chemistry, telecom, health, travel…, example list of industries link: interest you most?

What kind of job (line manager, project manager, freelancer, consultant CEO, Account, finance, research, product, human resources, marketing…) fits best to your values, strengths, experiences and skills?

How do you describe an optimal team you want to be part of?

What is the concrete impact you want to add for the company, for your future clients and shareholders with your experiences, skills, values and strengths?


Part 4: Completion and Way Forward questions:

What are now, after looking at your job expectations from different perspectives, your TOP 3 best job fits?

What are the open questions regarding your future the best fit job?

Who or what can help you to find responses for your open questions?

What are your next 3 concrete steps towards your future career?   


Please feel free to use the online anonymous questionnaire open till 31. March 2017:

The outcome will be anonymously shared in one of the next articles.


Congratulations for your time that you invested for your future career.  I wish you great success with your best fit future job. You are more than welcome to contact me: and send me your insights, comments and questions.

For your consideration: You can create an impact with your decisions and actions, with your ideas, your strategy thoughts and targets.

Creating an impact is your everyday’s own choice.


by Iris Clermont 09/03/2018

Iris Clermont University graduated in mathematics and international professional Certified Coach with 25 years of Coaching and Consulting Projects in 20 countries for 30 international companies and author of Team Magic ISBN-10: 1905823959. You will find numerous references from her webpage:

Iris Clermont

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