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Bad Boss? No Problem!

Bad Boss? No Problem!

by Talentese Team 15/09/2017

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Just because your boss isn’t “Boss of the year”, it doesn’t mean you have to fret! Having a rotten boss can suck the happiness out of your work. Invariably, this lousy feeling always leads to people joining job sites and hunting for newer roles in the hope that they will find better managers. But, hold up! Before you plan on shifting, you should ideally think how to deal with a rude manager and see if you can foster a peaceful way forward.

Career guidance counselors believe that working with a bad boss is the perfect opportunity to work on your personal employee branding! Most bad bosses are so busy being troublesome, that they don’t realize the invaluable experience you are obtaining by slowly taking on their job roles and responsibilities.

You become a wizard at knowing what not to do! This opportunity presents itself as your personal career counseling for experienced professionals. You ace the horrid situation with flying colors! Don’t get demotivated because of your terrible boss, instead explore the  right ways how to deal with a rude manager. If your boss is a bully, these tips will help you deal better!

Speak up!

Your bosses might be amazing people, but perhaps they are unsuitable for the role they’re in. At such times, respectful feedback is a must. Get a hold of your assertive side, and gently push them in the right direction. Listen well, and take note of the reasoning behind the behavior. Many times, it’s a case of too much work and too little time. If you feel you need assistance in framing your words, visit a career counselor for experienced professionals for help. This will add to your knowledge and help you improve your assertive side.

Motivation matters!

Use your sleuthing/detective skills and figure out what motivates this unfavorable behavior. Be aware of the void in terms of, professional conduct, professional development and workplace interactions. If you’re constantly picked on for not following the rules, see how it’s affecting your employee branding. Take assistance from colleagues and get feedback. If you’re uncomfortable speaking to them, then visit a career counselor to help you brush up your office do’s and don’ts.

Support their strengths!

Always support your boss. Be extremely encouraging and respectful. Don’t try and expose the lousy behavior. It will only affect your employee branding. The hit to your reputation will be too great. Speak to a career guidance counselor for advice about employee branding and reputations. Focus on the strengths of your boss and play them to your advantage. Actively work to reduce your boss’ weaknesses through your own work. Sometimes, this passive assistance helps in larger ways than you can imagine. Find out how you can do this by visiting career counseling for experienced professionals. Try and make yourself essential to your boss’ work. Observe how the tables turn, and you are the one with more advantage! Sounds better, right?

You are unconquerable!

Always keep your work above reproach. Finish all your work before deadlines and check and recheck it several times. According to career guidance counselors, anticipation is the key. Foresee the work that will come your way, and act accordingly. Speak to a career guidance counselor to identify where your productivity might lack. You could also go one step further and seek career counseling for experienced professionals to track and record your work. Start putting more into words via emails, drafts and work lists, to convey how well your work is progressing. Keep thanking your boss for the constant guidance; no one can fault that!

Adapt constantly!

Career guidance counselors will tell you that key to employee branding in any environment is adaptation. Constantly evolving to situations works to your advantage! Remember, you are honing your future leadership skills. While your bad boss is perpetually adding to your stress and strain, make note of the ways in which you can counteract this poisonous behavior. Adaptation is your ticket to building your personal employee branding. Adapt to your boss’ communication type, and keep evolving it. You will notice that your boss is suddenly noticing and listening to you. The more you adapt, the better the advantage. Visit career counseling for experienced professionals to learn about different communication styles.

If after using these techniques and tips, you still feel the need to shift and find new employment, please do so. But don’t give up too soon. There will always be unfavorable people and bosses at work. Remember that just because their behavior in office is bad, they might not necessarily be bad people. Give them and yourself a fighting chance! Beware that there is no guarantee your next job might have a better boss; it’s all a game of chance! So, do your best, and learn from it, so you know what to do if you’re ever in such a situation again! All the best!

by Talentese Team 15/09/2017

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