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Are You Under Stress? Try This…

by Talentese Team 29/09/2017

Perhaps there are many ways and indicators to measure stress and how to cope up with stress at work, but at Talentese we are sure that a good methodology to measure it is considering the quantity of open topics that you have pending on your desk. It’s easy to associate the stress with a lot of things to be done and with that permanent feeling of not advancing at work.

On the other hand, everybody knows the positive satisfaction provided by quickly closing subjects and moving to the next ones. At work, this feeling is one of the biggest sources of motivation.

In this article we will explain you a simple but very effective tool to help you to learn how to cope up with stress at work. You’ll be surprised by the quantity of things that you’ll achieve.

This tool is based on the book called “Getting things done” (, from David Allen and it’s used by millions of people around the world, specially in the United States, country of the author.


The two minutes rule is very simple and it works like this:


Every time that you will have a new task to do:

– Evaluate the task and decide whether you have to do it or not depending on its importance. For example, if you receive many tasks by e-mail, most probably many of these emails are just informative and don’t require any action from you.

– If you must do the task and you can do it in less than two minutes just do it, don’t wait a second.

– If you must do the task but it requires you more than two minutes, book right away a slot in your calendar to do it. And at the moment planned to do the task try to do it and not postpone it. Remember that it is an important task that must be done.

– If the tasks doesn’t require any action from you, but you might need to consult it at some point, simply save somewhere easy to access, but simply as consult.

The magic behind this technique how to cope up with stress at work is that a big percentage of the tasks that we must do daily can be done in less than two minutes: forward an e-mail, answer to a concrete question, do a quick phone call, inform a colleague about something…


by Talentese Team 29/09/2017

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