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At Talentese we believe that building a team and growing as a company is much more than hiring people to do some tasks…

Real success happens when everybody at the company shares the same culture and values.

It’s then when amazing team dynamics will happen. For companies this translates into high performance, much higher employee retention and better business.

On the other hand, we spend at least one third of our lives at work. So… working for the right company should be important, right? For us at Talentese, the right company is the one that has a purpose and vision that truly aligns with their employees. And this will ensure more happiness and satisfaction at work.

Our Mission at Talentese is to connect companies that truly think Culture First with those Talents who will fit with the culture and values of companies.

How do we do it?

We have developed the first Culture Match Software Solution that allows companies to uncover their true internal working culture and then ensure that every candidate that will join the company truly is a match for that culture. Our solution combines organizational behaviour science with the power of A.I.

At Talentese, we truly believe in two things: people are happy at work when they feel identified with the company; and companies want to have happy employees, because they would perform much better. Talentese was created to ensure this!

For more details about how Talentese work, please visit our FAQ page.

“Our mission is to make people happy at work”    

Fernando Vilas


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