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7 Mistakes to Avoid if You Want to Build a Great Career 

What Are The (Common) Things That People Who Do a Good Career Have?

by Talentese Team 14/11/2018


You are great at your work. You’re hardworking, innovative and love a great challenge! But what happens in the long run? How do you avoid costly pitfalls in the career race? We all make mistakes, there’s no avoiding that! The trick is to learn from them.


1. Don’t stop challenging yourself:

Always stay updated with the latest innovations and ideas in your work sphere. Be aware of new technologies and software. This will help in keeping a pulse of the market. Also, this is a fantastic way to convert your current weaknesses into strengths. Simultaneously, you are working on your personal employee branding. In case you are ever in need of new concepts, you can always have a one up on your peers! To get more information, visit career counseling for experienced professionals.


2. Don’t stop updating your profile:

It is extremely important to keep your resume updated at all times. When you apply for a great new opportunity, the first thing any recruiter or interviewer wants is an updated resume. Don’t get so complacent in your current job that you forget to look for greener pastures. Employee branding only works, if you are able to take advantage of the job market. Link your professional media presence in your resume.


3. Don’t let go of Networking opportunities:

Many people make the costly mistake of networking only with colleagues in the office. They forget that the world is an endless networking space! Attend industry fairs, seminars and exhibitions to constantly meet new people. Remember to be sociable and keep in touch professionally (, 2015). Work on your employee branding! Career guidance counselors who provide career counseling for experienced professionals believe that your contacts can provide you with valuable feedback, market updates, and possible job opportunities. Interact with your peers as often as possible.


4. Don’t focus only on financial gain:

Always look for newer opportunities, but don’t worry too much about the salary. Career guidance counselors stress that, if the new job is with a bigger or better company, then you could consider it. Your focus should be on employee branding, gaining knowledge and learning, rather than just the salary or remuneration. Treat the new job with enthusiasm to learn new skills, get better responsibilities, and also manage a larger team. At the end of the day, your happiness and satisfaction matter! A new job, with better learning initiatives, is a great way to start.


5. Don’t say yes to everything:

It is difficult to say no. But it is physically and emotionally impossible to keep everyone happy. It is very important to respectfully decline certain situations and opportunities. Career counseling for experienced professionals believe that smart employees know which battles to choose. In order to improve effectiveness, you must be prepared to say no sometimes (Entrepreneur, 2015). Remember to be extremely respectful and humble while declining.


6. Don’t forget your budget:

Often times, people neglect to forecast their needs and wants. You should always maintain control on personal and professional expenses. Managing monthly expenses is important to space out spending capacity. This is a great way to attain self-discipline in monetary terms as you learn the importance of curbing expenses and building savings. This way, there are always contingencies to fall back on in case of a personal or professional emergency.


7. Don’t ignore feedback:

Be mindful of feedback from customers and colleagues. Improvements to your personal work and that of the company should always be a priority. No business can run successfully without satisfied customers. Employee branding will improve with better reviews from returning customers. Their word is usually treated as final (PsychologyToday, 2014). Career guidance counselors assist in improving your communication skills to deal with negative feedback. Always take improvements into consideration on the basis of feedback received from regular clients. Building a strong support system can reap awesome rewards in the end.

Follow these important tips of ‘what not to do’ to have successful careers. These are important cheat codes to further your growth and success. Avoid these major roadblocks and always keep an open mind about your career standing. Be quick to adapt and respond to change with enthusiasm. Remember to keep working on your employee branding and to visit a career guidance counselor regularly. Keep networking and stay one step ahead of your colleagues. Your stellar career path will start to brighten instantly!

by Talentese Team 01/12/2017

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