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5 Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Network with You

5 Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Network With You

Imagine… you are attending a local networking event that allows you to meet many interesting and influential people. Your main goal of going there is to make new contacts. You hope you will win them as your future clients or dream of getting a job through networking. It’s time to get networking! The problem is that you notice from their behaviour that nobody wants to network with you. There are several reasons why that could be the case.


# 1 – You are overwhelming others with your overpowering sales pitch.

For you it’s all about selling your services and talking about the success of your company, but that’s not what people want to hear. Networking events should not be used as pure sales opportunities or solely with a purpose of getting a job through networking, it’s about making contacts and starting a relationship. People will see you as a pushy, needy, insensitive, desperate and gauche person. You focused on exchanging lots of business cards instead of trying to get to know the person first. Tip: The more genuine interest you show having in others, rather than you trying to impress others with your achievements, the better!


#  2 – Your lack of eye contact.

When you are talking to people are you always trying to look away instead of looking them straight in the eye? If so, you will give them the impression as if you would have something to hide. They will perceive you as a dishonest and untrustworthy person. Tip: Keep your eye contact to 80 % when holding a conversation, but make sure you don’t stare.


# 3 – You have body odour or a bad breath.

Why nobody wants to network with you could also be based on the fact that you might suffer from body odour or bad breath. Often people don’t realise this hygiene problem until someone tells them. Always remember to present yourself neatly and well-groomed. Do you really want to put other people off? Tip: A shower taken in the morning, the use of a deo and some mints can make a big difference.


# 4 – You are choosing the wrong small talk topics.

If apart from bombarding others with your company’s info and sales pitch you choose to talk about the wrong small talk topics, such as politics, sex, religion, gossip, money or divorce, people will surely distance themselves from you. Tip: Talk instead about topics that are not taboo, such as movies, books, hobbies, travel and personal traits.


# 5 – You went there to eat and drink.

If people get the impression that you are attending networking events mainly to fill your belly and get drunk, it will give a very bad impression on you. Nobody would want to network with you, they would feel embarrassed in your presence. Tip: Drink in moderation (non-alcoholic is always best!) and keep your food intake low by eating something before the event takes place. When networking, remember that it’s important to gain the trust from people first. Get to know them a bit better and start talking about what your company does at a later stage. You can turn the scenario of “nobody wants to network with you” into an “everyone will love to interact with you” if you are presentable, act professionally and show your genuine interest in others.

by Karin Singh 15/09/2017

Karin Schroeck-Singh’s passion lies in creating, translating and promoting content of high-quality in multiple languages (English, German, Italian). She holds an MBA from the University of Leicester (UK) and is the author of several ebooks. She gained more that 20 years of international work experience in various industries in Italy, the UK and India. Helping businesses to optimise their online presence is her priority, no client or project is too big or too small for her.

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