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10 Damaging Habits That May Keep Millennials From Achieving

10 Damaging Habits That May Keep Millennials From Achieving

by Bishwabandita Guru

Millennials –the first real digital generation– conquer over many across the length and breadth. However, their work style preferences force them to indulge into certain habits that may prove to be damaging in achieving greater career objectives and moving towards desired career change.

Jotted down below are the top 10 among those habits.

#1 Talking more and listening less:

People might consider that Millennials have a natural habit of talking a lot as they think they outdo many and know a lot. That results in poor reception. The truth is they should always set their primary goal to learn as much from their counterparts as possible. And learning can’t just happen without the process of listening. Also in order to build rapport and engage with people one must show genuine interest in what they have to say. And listening is an indispensable ingredient in establishing rapport with anyone.

#2 Straying along:

Straying along without focusing on a particular career goal is the strongest prerequisite to end up living a miserable life. It is crucial to acknowledge that the career life has already begun and it is high time to define clear cut goals and reach out for them. Having an aspiration and sticking to it is very much important. By making decisions and taking responsibility one can determine the trajectory of life – though career change can have a positive impact on your life, having no consistency at all is not a good thing.

#3 Saying “NO” to complex issues:

It is not worth saying “no” to something one has not given a try even. That only lazes one’s brain off and puts it on instant relaxes. Also it is the easier way to avoid complex issues and in no way helpful to drive one to greater career success. By adopting a habit to accept any challenge, no matter how difficult it is sets one’s confidence level high, allows him to figure things out in due course and helps solve them. Persistence leads to success, and in several cases Millennials are not seen as persistent enough.

#4 Wasting productive moments on Social Media:

Unleashing the power of Social Media towards the productive end is always a welcome move. However, studies reveal that Millennials spend a largest fraction of time on the web accessing Social Media and mostly they use it for entertainment purpose. Needless to mention here that Social Media is a huge consumer of one’s most precious asset: time. And it barely adds any value to one’s personal growth and development. So it is wiser to go offline and use time wisely.

#5 The “I can do EVERYTHING if I try” Mindset:

There are tons of things that require adequate experience to be handled well. However, Millennials are usually seen as people who love to try their hands on different new things to satisfy their sense of achievement. They usually have a ton of shallow experiences in a wide array of tasks and hence are lousy at a lot of different things or are not masters of their core area of expertise. Valuing experiences should be of pretty much importance and realising that one must devote a lot of time and effort developing and nurturing his own field of knowledge and expertise, rather than being too preoccupied with trying everything that comes on the way. One can’t commit to any project or vision that helps him to make an impact at the best firms to work for, if he’s tempted to try his hands on anything and everything that world has to offer.

#6 Adjourning life:

Millennials are pretty good at prioritising things over a breadth of life experiences. But they are poor at adjourning important pursuits to a later date they genuinely love. “Later” often means “never” if not planned beforehand. If one has a strong desire and possibility to do something, he should start it with immediate effect rather than to adjourn it to a later date. It is an extensive belief that there will always be a second chance to do anything like expression one’s feelings near someone, asking someone out, writing a novel, starting a business and so on… usually that chance barely comes. So it is better not to adjourn things of importance and start them immediately!

#7 Saying “ENOUGH” to learning:

Millennials don’t value constant learning. Acquiring new skills and knowledge is very important, all through one’s life if one wants to stay abreast of the latest updates his career demands. Otherwise, there are maximum chances of his getting left behind by his peers. College or University was just a warm-up and the real learning starts as soon as one enters into the job arena. Always remaining in constant learning mode not only improves a person to a greater extent, but also boosts the confidence level up to achieve anything.

#8 Too much of multitasking:

The CEO of Omnicore, Mr. Salman Aslam says, “As a Millennial… we think we are very efficient at multitasking, but being in business has taught me that it is not always right to multitask or to hop on new projects like a bunny.” There are many more quotes from industry bigwigs discouraging multitasking. Multitasking often results in Task-switching. Where Multitasking is coined for and designed to carry out tasks effectively during busy hours. Millennials tend to use this as a parameter to prove themselves as super-efficient. They, in true sense, insert a number of activities, that interest and excite them into their multitasking schedule which they skip/postpone as something else again replaces their interest. This often results into fairly lousy performance in their core project of delegation even by the most desirable employers.

#9 Avoidance of in-person interaction:

With the advent of technology, lots of events happen remotely. Text replaces talk; employee branding replaces direct job hunt; virtual meetings replace in-person interaction. Millennials are stubborn about not to kill important moments over commuting to carry out physical meetings or simply not so confident of meeting people face to face as they are mostly not used to it. However, at some point, communication loses its essence if it doesn’t happen across the table with proper eye-to-eye contact. While dealing with top managerial client level, texting instead of calling or avoiding direct contact to fix an appointment to discuss things forward tends to reduce the chance of bagging a deal.

#10 Living with insecurities:

‘The feel of Insecurity’ is what paralyses a person and stops from taking action. Millennials are often keen on doubting their strengths and mostly afraid of failure. When it comes to take big decisions, career change and risk, they keep more room for hesitation. Believing in oneself, slaying down fears, taking action, doing the right things and letting consequences follow can make a person bold and confident.

Are you a millennial? If so, what do you think about this habits? Are they true?

Dr. Bishwabandita Guru is a seasoned HR Professional and presently the Founder of “HR-Revamped”, a Startup Co., that provides strategic HR solutions to SMEs. She is a Freelance Business Content Writer and Author of two books on HRM titled as “THE ULTIMATE QUOTEBOOK FOR HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGERS” and “DEMYSTIFYING THE HR JARGON WAGON”. After an MBA and a DBA in HRM, her learning desire seeks shelter in International Business and American Language Studies. For her, the noblest pleasure in this earth is the ‘JOY OF LEARNING’. Her public profiles can be accessed on the following links:


Bishwabandita Guru

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