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  • Ravejob
    HRlab Berlin Tech Small Size
    HRlab is the modern Human Capital Management platform combining all HR processes and data in one solution.
  • Ravejob
    Userlane Munich Tech Small Size
    Userlane allows users to understand any software instantly, without prior training.
  • Ravejob
    Fairr.de Berlin Tech Small Size
    Fairr.de is a startup that develops digital solutions for retirement savings to encourage people to be actively engaged in the process of pension planning.
  • Ravejob
    3megawatt Munich Tech Small Size
    3megawatt is the largest developer of software for renewable asset managers, offering a platform designed to automate and control the entire renewable asset management lifecycle.
  • Ravejob
    Bilendo Munich Tech Small Size
    Bilendo is a fast-growing startup that creates software to revolutionize the way companies manage their finances and cash flow.
  • Ravejob
    Orderbird Berlin Tech Medium Size
    Orderbird is the provider of the award-winning iPad POS system for restaurants.
  • Ravejob
    Penta Berlin Finance  Small Size
    At Penta, we’re on a mission to automate business banking. So that us founders can focus on innovating. We’re doing this by putting the most powerful financial apps and services into a simple account.

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